All You Need to Know About White Day!

For the love month of February, we shared a bit on how couples around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day and some last-minute gifts to get for your loved one.

Now that the Valentine’s Day hype is over, we’ve can look forward to White Day, which is exactly one month after Valentine’s Day.  Don’t know what White Day is all about? Let LoveByte share some facts with you!

White Day, which falls on the 14th of March, originated in Japan, is celebrated by most in Japan and South Korea, and some in China and Taiwan.

Signifying an “answer day” for Valentine’s Day, White Day is a day which the confessee (typically guys) gives the confessor (typically girls) their reply. If he likes her, he will then reply her with a gift on White Day.

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However, White Day is celebrated a little differently in China. Rather than girls confessing to guys they like on Valentine’s Day and guys replying on White Day, there is a switch in the gender roles whereby guys will confess on Valentines’ Day and girls reply them on White Day instead.

In essence, whichever ways different cultures practice, White Day is a day which all prayers are answered and newly completed hearts beat as one. So, are you ready to celebrate White Day with LoveByte?

Below are 5 easy steps to take if you are new to this!

#1 List the people who gave you something for Valentine’s Day.

Separate them into 2 groups, the “obligatory” givers and “true love” givers. (“obligatory” givers are people who give gifts to all friends and acquiantances while “true love” givers give gifts with meanings – they have romantic feelings for you)

#2 Know the different replies that you can give.

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White Chocolate = Let’s be friends
Chocolate Candy = I like you
Chocolate Cookies = I love you

#3 Return favors for obligatory givers first. (with similar items)

Yeah… for a second or so, you might have thought you were special enough to receive a gift.

#4 Decide what to reply the “true love”givers with.

If you reciprocate their feelings, you can return them with a gift of chocolates as mentioned in #2, or something of a higher value and meaning.

#5 Breathe in… breathe out.

Finally presenting them with the gift… together with an invitation for a hot date!

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Make this White Day something fun and enjoyable for you and your partner!  Check out the latest scratchcards for March. LoveByte hopes this adds refreshment to your love life and feel free to share with us your White Day adventures on our Facebook page.

Stay loving!

LoveByte Cupid <3