What kind of couple are you?

Do you and your loved one fall into any of these stereotypes? :)

  1. The Cheeze-balls

    Photo Credit: blog.triciagosingtian.com

    They have matching handphone covers, matching outfits, matching bags and probably even smell the same. They look more like twins than a couple. But you got to respect them for taking so much effort to be a couple.

  2. The Definitely Getting Hitched

    Photo Credit: pixar.wikia.com

    They have been together since forever and you know you’ll attend their wedding and go for their baby shower in the future. If there’s a couple you look up to, it would be them.

  3. Romeo & Juliet

    Photo Credit: screenwritingshakespeare.blogspot.com


They are star-crossed lovers with family feuds like the Montague and Capulet. Their love is forbidden and they risk being disowned by meeting up secretly. One is perhaps even betrothed to someone she doesn’t love. Their love story is so exciting it’s almost become entertainment.

  4. Touchy-frilly

    Photo Credit: justjared.com


They just can’t get their hands off each other, even in public. They hug and kiss loudly during social gatherings and everyone just wants to tell them “Get a room!”

  5. The Fickle-Minded

    Photo Credit: sepiasays.com

    On some days, they are together, on some days they are not and we know because Facebook says so. At first, you worry when their relationship status changes from “In a relationship” to “Single”, after awhile, you pretend you don’t see them.

  6. The Food Critics

    Photo Credit: visionsweddingboutique.com


They go about in search for good food around the city and you know it because all the photos they post on various social media platforms are mainly food. Occasionally, you get to see a nice couple shot.

  7. The Open Relationship

    Photo Credit: pickuppodcast.com


They are dating each other, but they are also dating other people. They are a really cute couple and because you’re their good pal, you sometimes wonder what on earth are they doing to each other.

  8. The Dare Devils

    Photo Credit: youjustmademylist.com

    Adventure is in their blood. They go car racing, jump off cliffs and take on the spiciest chicken wings together. It’s a wonder they are actually alive sometimes. After all, love conquers all fears, doesn’t it?

  9. The Social Media Addicts

    Photo Credit: davidwygant.com


You know where they have been, what they ate for dinner and how much they love each other. It’s all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare. After awhile, you start to hide them from your news feeds because their photos and status updates keep spamming your wall. This is PDA in digital form. Their dates mostly consist of them scrolling through their phones and tweeting about random things instead of having a conversation.

  10. The Power Couple

    Photo Credit: entertainment.malaysia.msn.com

    They are each successful in their own ways, probably running multi-million dollar businesses or experts in their own fields. Everyone envies them for the perfect life they seem to have.