Reminiscing On Fond Memories Help Couples Remember The Bond They’ve Built

Today, we get to speak to Wee Long and Qiu Wen from Malaysia. They have been together for slightly over a year. So here it is we have Wee Long speaking to us about their relationship!


How did the two of you first meet, and what is your favourite date activity?

We met online through a social website. Both of us enjoy hunting around for nice food, so usually we search for good food then go and watch movies in cinemas.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it? 

Distance is our biggest challenge. We cannot meet each other often, therefore it was more difficult to express our feelings and concern for each other. Some of my bad habits made her frustrated.

With constant communication, we sought to understand each other’s problems. Even though there were times we felt emotional, we made it a point to remain calm as we were sure about not giving up because we really love each other.


How did you find out about LoveByte?

I came across LoveByte on the app store while browsing one day. And since we’ve started using it, we note down every date and precious memory so we will never forget them.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

LoveByte reminds us about how our story began, as it contains all special moments between us that only we share. Scrolling through the timeline tells us how long we’ve been together and how much we have gone through.

Sometimes when we argue, we will open LoveByte and it reminds us of all the positive times we’ve had. When I have made her angry, I will post funny and memorable photos or notes just to make her happy. LoveByte is a big part of our love story! Best part of all, it’s private!

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

Be totally honest to your loved one. Trust and respect him/her no matter what happens – it is the foundation to loving relationships. Never easily use the term “break up”, and when you harbour such thoughts, think twice and recall the happy lovely moments and memories you both share.

We wish them all the best in their relationship and stay loving!

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