We Should Be Dating The ‘Old School’ Way


The old school way of dating has in many relationships been outdated, as it is seen “uncool” to do. But there are several reasons why we should bring these dating habits back to life, even if it’s just for one night. So start dating your loved one the old school way, here’s why, and how;

1. Dress Nicely

Looking nice means different things for each and everyone one of us, so we are not suggesting to bring out that old fancy prom dress, but to just take some time and effort in the appearance so it’s not your everyday clothes you use for school or work. This is one habit that in today’s world has gone missing when people date. The meet-ups are today of the more casual kind where we show up in our everyday outfits. We should bring back the habits of when you spent time and effort onto your looks before leaving the house to meet up with that special someone. The time and effort and the different style marks that the other person means something special to you, and this is always a good way to start a date.

2. Pick him or her up at the door

No more text messages “I’m here” or “running late, I’ll see you at the movie theatre“. These are very casual and makes meeting up seem more platonic and casual. Go the extra mile of picking up your date at their house, showing up on time in a nicely manner. May sound cheesy, but it does make a difference to take that extra effort of going all the way to their house to pick them up.

3. Bring flowers

Bring flowers or another gift showing your affection to your date. Don’t be afraid that it may be “uncool”, you want the message to g o through that you do care for your date, right? This way they’ll have a memoria of your date as well which just adds a nice touch to it. You’ll know when they’ll come home they’ll see that gift and be reminded of you and your date night… It is definitely a romantic tradition needed to be brought back!

4. Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures such as writing poems or songs are really things that melt ones heart. Even though all of us might not be Shakespeare or great writers or singers, make something that you have put some effort into. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a handmade card or a small painting that looks like a 3-year old did it. When you have put time and effort onto it, that’s what matters.

5. Turn All Electronics Off

Turn your cellphones off or leave them at home. Take the time to truly spend the night with each other, instead of having that constant buzz of someone calling in the middle of dinner or texting you on whatsapp. Focus on each other, nothing else.

6. Go Dancing, Just For Fun

Today dancing has become all about “grinding” and looking “hot”. What happened to the classic dance moves that didn’t have sexual overtones where you just went out dancing for fun? 

7. Ask permission

Instead of assuming everything, ask for permission. It does make one feel special when someone asks if they can have a second date or if it’s alright that they kiss you goodnight instead of just taking it for granted.

8. Go Steady

Dating has become so difficult. When are two people a couple nowadays? No one seems to know!  The rules have changed and nowadays people rely on signs of being introduced as the boyfriend or girlfriend to other friends, or on Facebook to know whether they are a couple or not. Go back and ask your date instead. Do they want to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, or like they said in the old days, Do you want to go steady with me? It is a romantic gesture to be asked in person rather than assumed or being “asked” on Facebook .Even if you already are established as a couple, this is still adorable to ask!

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