With love, St Valentine

Hey LoveByters, Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am sure that all you lovey dovey couples out there have something extraordinary planned for this wonderful day of love :) While all of us know that the 14th of Feburary every year is valentine’s, do you ever wonder why this day in particular, why the significance, and why is it called Valentine’s day? Let LoveByte shed some light on this much celebrated but lesser understood day!

It turns out that the Valentine’s Day that we now celebrate is in actuality an ancient Christian and Roman tradition, called in honor of Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr who lived in the 3rd century. During the Reign of Claudius II, the Roman empire was in a state of war and engulfed in chaos from all sides, and many soldiers were needed to defend the nation from takeover. Claudius II felt that married men were made more emotionally attached to their families, and thus, will not make good soldiers. In essence, he believed that marriage, or love, made men weak, and hence issued an edict forbidding marriage so as to ensure quality soldiers. The Kindly bishop, St.Valentine, witnessing the sadness of many young lovers and realizing the injustice of this decree hence decided to counter the monarch’s order in secrecy and performed marriages for young couples. To cut the long story short, his act of defiance eventually came to light, and it is believed that Claudius executed St. Valentine on Feburary the 14th.

However, this was not before St.Valentine found his own true love, which ill-fatedly happened to be his jailer, Asterius’, daughter. On the day that St. Valentine was executed, It is said that he had asked for a pen and paper from his Asterius, and signed a farewell message to Asterius’ daughter “From Your Valentine,” a phrase that lived ever after. 

I hope that this new understanding of V-day brings a deeper appreciation for this special day, and of course, a stronger love for your other half. It is easy to neglect our loved ones and take them for granted, but let us not fall into regret only when these precious people are no longer by our side.



This V-day, I hope that all of you can take a moment to spend time with your loved one, celebrate their existence in your life, and cherish this magical bond that you share with them. And don’t forget, V-day is not only celebrated between couples, but between friends and families as well! So I urge all of you to spend this day wisely, not quarreling, fighting, or picking out the flaws of your loved ones, but showing that you care, love, and cherish them.

With Valentine’s Love,

LoveByte Team <3 <3 <3