The Most Affordable Couple Retreats in Asia

Hey Lovebyters! The long-awaited spring has arrived, and we’ve gathered a list of budget friendly destinations for you and your loved one. Take a look at the top 10 inexpensive locations we’ve picked!

1. Bali, Indonesia


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As one of the top destinations for a honeymoon, Bali is Indonesia’s most touristed island. Besides, it’s affordable! Bask in the sun in one of its many beaches or visit one of those vast coffee plantations where you can get a taste of nature’s best coffee. In Bali, there’s much to do for the thrill-seeking couples. You may choose to trek or cycle down the one of those exotic volcanoes of the island. Do not miss the unique experience this island has to offer!

2. El Nido, Phillipines

Situated in the northern part of Palawan Island, El Nido is hailed as one of the world’s best beach escape. It is most renowned for its island hopping, scuba diving and snorkelling activities. So get your swimming suits ready and dip into the turqoise blue water that surrounds the island! At dinner, enjoy a romantic dinner while listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore. El Nido is truly one sweet tropical escape.

3. Sri Lanka

Retreat into Sri Lanka, the island country off the Southern Coast of India. It is fast becoming one of the world’s top spa destinations. For adventurous couples, you can climb Mihintale’s shrine-dotted grand staircase for astounding jungle views; white-water raft through boulder-strewn rivers; and cycle through a landscape of rice fields, villages and ancient temples! All in all, Sri Lanka is a place much to explore!

4. Taipei, Taiwan


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Just the mention of Taipei conjures images of mouthwatering street eats.  This is one holiday not to be missed by the foodie couples. Recommendations include the famous braised pork rice and of course, bubble tea! Besides eating, you may take brisk walks with your partner on the heritage-rich streets. Make a wish for with your partner by releasing a ‘tian deng’ (sky lantern).

5. Hong Kong, China

Another city for food loving couples to visit. Here, you can savour hand-made dim sum and pastries from the world’s best restaurants and bakeries! Although Hong Kong may seem like a modern and luxurious city that will cost a lot to explore, that is not always the case. There are many inexpensive things to do in Hong Kong such as shopping in street markets like those in Mong Kok, or visiting monasteries in Lan Tau Island.

6. Hainan, China

Located in the South China Sea, Hainan Island is for doubtlessly ideal for lovers. From November 18 to 21 each year men and women from around the world gather at the “Tianya Haijiao” to take their wedding vows or renew existing promises. “Tianya Haijiao” literally translates to “edges of the heaven, corners of the sea”. Many Chinese poems mention this place, such as “I will follow you to Tianya Haijiao”, which means that the couple will never be separated. As such, Hainan is an unexpectedly romantic place for you and your partner to visit!

7. Langkawi, Malaysia

Photo from Unboxed Writers

Photo from Unboxed Writers

Langkawi is a tropical island in the north western tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. Surrounded by 99 islets, it is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. It’s main places of interest include the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge, Dayang Bunting Lake, Mangrove Tour, Payar Island Marine Park, Seven Wells Waterfall, Eagle Square, Legend Park, Langkawi Wildlife Sanctuary, Langkawi Craft Centre and Mahsuri Tomb. You can also take a sunset dinner cruise with your date and take in the spectacular scenery.

8. ChiangMai, Thailand

You can’t help but to fall in love with ChiangMai, also known as the “rose of the North” by locals for its beauty and charm. Spend days exploring the Wat Phrathat and Night Markets where you will find a great selection of novelty items! For the couples who love spice, you can also take a cooking class with your loved one and discover the secrets of Northern Thai cooking. Mastering the art of cooking each other’s favorite Thai dishes is the ultimate souvenir for years to come.

9. Hoi An, Vietnam

Photo from Sapa Holiday

Photo from Sapa Holiday

Embark in endless cultural pursuits in the city of Hoi An in Vietnam. For many visitors, Hoi An is the “Jewel of Vietnam”. It offers a diverse selection of things to do including a street food tours, cooking classes, old town visits, beach escapes, shopping, fishing, and museums! With picturesque boats rowing down the river, Hoi An also provides an undeniably romantic ambience for lovers to dine in.

10. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Last but not least, another attractive yet affordable place to visit is Sihanoukville in Cambodia. It’s a city and a harbor surrounded by pristine white beaches. Here, couples can soak in and relax in the sheer natural beauty of quiet beaches or undertake once-in-a-lifetime adventures such as trekking a mountain on Asian elephants!


So there you have it, 10 budget-friendly destinations for you and your partner to visit. We hope you have a enjoyable and romantic holiday!

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