The First Fight Box

The First Fight Box is all about remembering what the relationship is about and how much you Love each other!

Before your wedding ceremony, when you are happier than ever and have all those lovey dovey feelings for each other, you write them down. You and your Loved One write each other love letters, sweet notes and memoria with all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place and how much you mean to each other.(without letting your loved one know what has been written on yours of course!)

On your wedding day, you seal the letters together with a bottle of wine and two glasses in a wooden box one nail at a time. You can choose to place your wedding vows and some photos from happy times together as well in the box before you seal it. During the ceremony you take turns hitting the nails sealing the box.

Once the day comes that you’ll hit a rough patch or reach an anniversary such as your 10 year wedding day, whatever comes first, that is when you open the box. You pour yourselves a glass of wine each and read the letters and notes inside to each other. This will definitely ease up the situation if you are opening it due to a rough patch, and it can come as a comfort to know you have entered the marriage prepared for this day.

It might seem a downer to do this on your wedding day, but all relationships will sooner or later reach a rough patch or have a terrible fight. It can be hard to imagine when you are newlyweds and happier than ever. But what better way to prevent unnecessary hurt and break ups in the future by writing down all those wonderful feelings you have when you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Going into a marriage prepared is a good thing and this box really makes you think about the meaning of for better or for worse.

Tell us: Will you create a First Fight Box or have you already created one with your Loved One?

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