Steve Sng, Chief Energy Officer

Always optimistic and “never say die” (like the energizer battery). A problem solver that turns obstacles into opportunities, with ability to see the transformation of “qi” even before it happens. Music plays a big part of his life and he plays the guitar and cello (but rarely do now). Absorbs most energy from heavy metal and metalcore music, but enjoys instrumental and alternative rock equally well. Powers LoveByte mostly now.


Amelia Chen, Chief Happiness Officer

Penchant for all things internet. Inspired by Seth Godin. Strong tendency to want to categorise things (Pinterest addict). She actively tries to make life better for everyone. Sufficient sleep is important to her. In her next life, she wants to be an adorable, fluffy cat who sleeps 14 hours/day, or Nyan cat.


Julia Lin, Fairy GodMother

Makes magic out of air, sugar and colours. Don’t be scared if you feel her staring at you. You will be seeing a mascot version of yourself soon.

This could be you!

We are always looking for talented and passionate people to work with. If you are interested in helping LoveByte become the next big thing, check out available positions. Send us a note at

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