Talking about Space


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We all know that the problem with space is an elusive one that none of us actually have clear cut answers to. Probably the best reason for that is that everyone has different preferences. As the saying goes, a man’s poison is another man’s meat.

Sadly, more often than not, couples have difficulties striking a balance when it comes to space and some unfortunately fall out of love due to the inability to compromise. However, as inevitable as the problem seems, this issue with space may not be as unsolvable as widely believed.

So how can we help you with that?

Treat your partner how you want to be treated

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Mathew 7:12]” This is old, we know, but there is a reason for it. Always practice what you preach. Give him/her exactly the amount of space you need them to give you. For instance, if you are a guy and you need a day off each week to join your friends for a few rounds of drinks or to watch a game, allow her to have a day off to catch up with her friends too. This is definitely the fairest arrangement that you can have in the relationship.

What if we want different things?

The above will only work if the couple already have similar ideas on the kind of space they want. But if you and your partner have different plans in mind, for instance he wants and is willing to give 3 days off a week but she only wants a day off, or she doesn’t appreciate constant messaging but he wants to communicate with her all the time, there’s an alternative route to happiness don’t worry. The solution is to compromise. Sit down and come to an agreement on things so neither of you feels dissatisfied or neglected. Both must voice out their concerns and reasons so that there could be an exchange of ideas and this will definitely boost mutual understanding.

Is giving too much space a problem?

Yes it could be a problem. Sometimes when the both of you have lots of space, you tend to pile your schedules with tons of activities without each other. That is a problem because quality time spent with each other will definitely be lesser. If too much of that is happening, the relationship might have a chance to drift and we wouldn’t want that would we? Of course time spent away from each other is essential and healthy and we do encourage that, but do remember to put aside quality time for your beloved partner too.

All in all, space may be a challenging issue to deal with, but with open communication and understanding, everything can be worked out. And trust us, almost every couple would have had problems with it, so if you do, you’re not alone and it is completely normal. We hope this entry help some loving couples who have difficulties dealing with space. Stay tune and stay loving with us!

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