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Why Couples Get Fat After Getting Into a Relationship (And How Not To!)

When you meet an old friend after not meeting for several months, the first thing they tell you is: “You have gained weight!” Has this ever happened to you?

Sometimes we blame it on age, lack of time and our decreasing metabolism. Are they just excuses? When couples get together, it’s easy to gain weight. Let us examine why:

1. Change in lifestyle


Especially when couples first get attached, almost every waking time is spent together hanging out. That’s what we call ‘dating’, right? Trips to the shopping mall, going to the movies, having meals together and ending up feeling too stuffed or tired to exercise after that. And the cycle repeats.

“Don’t seem to have the time!” is our favourite excuse. Guilty?

Instead, here’s what you should do: Expand your range of activities to do together and move it! Find a sport that both of you enjoy and commit to exercise regularly together. By making it a habit, you’re both becoming healthier and fitter!

Love is getting fat together

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2. Too much eating out

Almost every date comes with a meal together, checking out friends’ recommendations or that new cafe or restaurant in the hood for good food. What’s worse – no dinner is ever complete without dessert. Too much dining out can be damaging on the pocket, and to the stomach too. Food portions are generally larger and more oily. And you are what you eat. In the long run, that’s you: larger, with more oil too.

Instead, here’s what you should do: Grab that cookbook and take a brave step into the kitchen. Explore new recipes together and have fun preparing your meals together. Start with their favourite dish. That way you can control what you add into your meals and how much nutrients you get. You’ll also save money when you make your own meals!

3. You’re now taken

When you are single, your motivation for working out used to be to be fit and look good. Who doesn’t feel like a superstar knowing that the world is staring at your abs? After getting into a relationship, it has become “my darling loves me for who I am” because that’s the only person checking you out anyway.

Here’s a classic statement from the boyfriend to reassure their girls: “I want you to eat more and grow fat so other guys won’t look at you!” But seriously? That’s not a good reason to add on the pounds.


4. You get too comfortable

Because what matters the most is not how you appear on the outside; it’s who you are, on the inside. Overtime, we fall in love with our partner’s personalities and their appearance is not what we most attracted to them for. As two people get comfortable with each other, we may become less critical of our appearance because ‘our darling loves us for who we are’… right?

Instead, here’s what you should do: Put in effort to occasionally dress up on your dates (if you have stopped!) Make it a point that you can still fit in your favourite clothes. Take photographs regularly and share them onto LoveByte app. As you load your couple timeline and look back on your memories, check out how you both have evolved overtime (whether physically or mentally) and smile :)))

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android: http://lovebyte.us/getapp.

Couple Surprise Birthday Celebration

We interview Chhoungheng and Panchakpor, our LoveByte couple who surprised each other on their birthdays. As we got to uncover their sweet moments, we find out how they manage to keep their relationship healthy and successful.

Nearypanchakpor’s birthday
Chhoungheng gave me the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had on my 18th birthday last year.
Since no one celebrated or surprised me on my previous birthdays, it was unexpected and especially touching for me. We went for simple movie date. He asked me where I wanted to go after the movie… I answered, “I do not know.” Then he replied, “let’s go home.”

It felt weird because he would always want to spend time together with me. Turns out he did not go home, but drove me around the city like 15 minutes and we arrived at a café. When I walked in, I saw some schoolmates and I truly thought it was a coincidence, forgetting that it was my birthday. We enjoyed ourselves chatting and laughing, until a staff brought us a birthday cake with Eiffel Tower design on it, that I realised it was a celebration for me. I love it that he picked it knowing that Paris is my dream travel destination and I really want to go there with my love one someday.

Chhoungheng’s birthday:
She prepared an awesome birthday celebration for me at a cafe. I saw her sitting at the corner when I reached. Shortly after, she requested to change the table to be seated inside. She walked behind me and then she placed her hands over my eyes and walked me to a room.  When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see there were many candles lighted to form an infinity symbol and rose petals scattered on the table surrounding the celebration cake. The present was wrapped in a box with Paris design on it, and inside was our first couple T-shirt. It was really romantic and I really appreciate her effort to prepare this special birthday for me.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?
The rules of L-O-V-E:
Listen to each other
Oblige each other
Value each other
Excuse each other

In life, challenges are inevitable and no one is perfect. The difference is how we choose to overcome and solve them. We should always acknowledge and admit our mistake, let go of the ego to say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness. Learn from the lesson and not repeat it again.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

LoveByte helps us a lot to remember all our wonderful memories. We make it a habit to upload our photos. We can also write down the note about the things we have done together; it can be a surprise note or something in our heart that we want to say on special dates and during our anniversary.

Using Lists, we always look forward to be together because we have many many things to do and achieve in our To-Do list, Wish list, and Challenge list.

Sometimes when we get mad at each other, we know we’ll scroll to Our Story on LoveByte. We have plenty of memories of us there, so it melts our hearts and all the negative feelings.

How did you know he was “the one”?
As cliche as it sounds, but it is love at first sight! Our love is still young but he has done many things for me. We are learning about love together. Because of some misunderstanding, we were apart for 1 year, but we got back as a couple again after graduating from high school as we still had feelings for each other. To me, he is close to perfect and I’m blessed to be loved for who I am. He is always right by my side on bad days, to tolerate my imperfections (hot tempered and stubborn).

Since he is a medical student, he takes care of me more than anyone else, and tells me a lot about how to be healthy as my health is weak. His deep concern for me makes me feel like a princess. He’s won my heart entirely!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android: http://lovebyte.us/getapp.

16 Fun Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Date nights need not be costly and fancy, as long as both parties are spending quality time and enjoying each others’ company. Staying at home when you are on a budget is a good opportunity to communicate and have fun in comfortable home clothes without having to behave or impress.

  1. Bake together and eat them out of the oven.
  2. Take a walk around the neighborhood.
  3. Cook for each other and prepare a candlelit dinner.
  4. Kickstart a project to improve the house.
  5. Work out together.
  6. Take out old photo albums and tell stories about those memories.
  7. Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie while indulging in your favorite snacks!
  8. Make a collage board of your planned future together.
  9. Do a puzzle together.
  10. Take turns to give each other a massage.
  11. Sit outside and look at the stars.
  12. Sign up for an online course together.
  13. Do brain teasers together.  See who is the smarter one!
  14. Cook extra and share them with the neighbours.
  15. Get some deals on Groupon for your next date out.
  16. Play video games together and enjoy the competition.

Check out more date ideas on LoveByte app. Get it on your mobile (iOS/Android): http://lovebyte.us/getapp

Stay loving!
LoveByte Cupid <3

Destination December

Destination December


Hi LoveByters! Our favourite time of the year is here again! This december, get jet-setting around the world, explore new places, immerse in new cultures, and try out new cuisines with your loved one! Fret not if time is not on your side, as there are countless romantic short getaway destinations that you can visit as well. Think Krabi, Phi Phi Island, Bali…. this is the month to spend some well deserved quality time with your other half. Go on, you deserve it! Congratulations for surviving 2014, and more importantly, on another blissful year well spent together!

Nostalgic November

ScratchcardsNov2014Nostalgic November

Hi LoveByters! Do you remember the first time where you met your special one? This Nostalgic November, recreate your first date with your boo, revisit your first memories together, and celebrate the fact that of the tens of zillions of people on this Earth, you found one another.


Here at LoveByte, we believe that love is never accidental, and you and your other half are meant for each other.


Let us take a trip down memory lane this november, and recall how, and why we fell in love with that special one once again.


Opalescent October

Opalescent October


Hi LoveByters! When was the last time you saw a rainbow? We love those multi-coloured hues in that magnificent arch, and sure hope that your love life is as colourful and vibrant as a rainbow. This Opalescent October, dress up in brightly coloured couple tees, embark on a colourful art project together, or try out new and exciting activities as a couple and add colour to your relationship! As Taylor Swift has aptly coined in her song “Red”, Love comes in a myriad of colours. Of course, we hope that the love between you and your other half will mostly be Red;  intense and passionate!

Superhero September!


Hi LoveByters! Which superpower would you wish to have if you could have one? From Marvel heroes to the Justice League, superheroes never fail to leave us mouth agape and eyes sparkling in awe of their incredible abilities. This Superhero September, celebrate the existence of such characters with your loved one! Rent superhero DVDs to watch with your boo or dress up like your favourite characters and have a superb superhero September!


Gotta go save the world and fill it with love now!



Superlovearrow striker ( coolest superhero name)


Action-Packed August!


Hi LoveByters! Have you fulfilled your new year’s resolutions? Crossed anything off your couple bucket list yet? This Action-packed August, get off your bums and get cracking! Let this month be the most fulfilling one for you and your other half, go to the places that you both always wanted, try the food that you two longed to taste, or simply skip those ‘chill-at-your-house’ dates and do something exciting together!

Remember Adventurous April? If you missed your chance to head out and explore, this is the time to make up for it. Do extreme things you never thought you’d have the courage to. Of course, this goes beyond extreme sports and roller coasters, read on for more!

Action-packed date ideas 

Bungee jump!

Take the scariest roller coaster ride at the nearest theme park

Scuba dive

Ice skating at a indoor rink

Paintball/Nerf gun/water gun fight – call friends and family along and form teams. Be on opposing teams and have trying to take each other out!

Horror movie marathon  – count the number of times te each of you screams/jumps in fright/shock! it’s a mini competition you both will have fun with the moment you realize how you’ve been laughing at each other. :D

Go for an open mic session where each of you take turns to sing to an audience you don’t know

Watch a 4D movie

Take turns to shout out “I LOVE <insert partner’s name>” from a window then hide so no one would know it’s you (:

That’s a short list, but I believe it has got you thinking on what else you could do this month. Remember, love becomes stronger with more time spent together. What are you waiting for? Let’s brace ourselves, rev up our engines, and psych ourselves up for a really engaging August!!! :D

With Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

Joyful July! (:

We’re halfway through 2014 and for all of us, it’s likely that the pressures from work and school have kicked in by now. While some of us adapt well to stress, some of us break from the pressure and suffer from mood swings. Stress is something that just sets in and before we know it, we’re feeling unhappy and gloomy over our lack of freedom and time to ourselves for rest, relaxation and for our partners.

Hence, here’s our call for a JOYFUL JULY!


As some of you have heard elsewhere, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. While we know that isn’t always the case, there are times when we must make a conscious decision which is happiness.

So, what is joy to you? For us at LoveByte, joy is simply being able to grow old and spend a lifetime with the love of your life, blissfully entering the last stages of your existence while still making beautiful memories together. That requires effort against the odds, for not just a day or two, not weeks, nor months, but years. We can’t say for sure what will happen decades from now. However, what we can do is to pace steadily towards our goal. If ageing with your partner’s your dream too, then make it happen by appreciating him/her everyday. If you aren’t doing so yet, start now. Allow yourself to love and be loved and embrace the joy of it all. Let this July be a joyful one for not just you but your boo too. Create unforgettable memories, have breakfast in bed, have a movie marathon at home…. basically just enjoying the simple pleasures in life and most importantly, each other’s company.

Stressed as you may be, take time out for love. Love brings joy and empowers you in ways no amount of coffee every can. (: Emerge stronger, happier byt he end of July – not just as an individual, but as a couple.

We hope that everyone can live, love, laugh, have joy, be kind, and stay happy this July! :D

With Joy and Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

We Should Be Dating The ‘Old School’ Way


The old school way of dating has in many relationships been outdated, as it is seen “uncool” to do. But there are several reasons why we should bring these dating habits back to life, even if it’s just for one night. So start dating your loved one the old school way, here’s why, and how;

1. Dress Nicely

Looking nice means different things for each and everyone one of us, so we are not suggesting to bring out that old fancy prom dress, but to just take some time and effort in the appearance so it’s not your everyday clothes you use for school or work. This is one habit that in today’s world has gone missing when people date. The meet-ups are today of the more casual kind where we show up in our everyday outfits. We should bring back the habits of when you spent time and effort onto your looks before leaving the house to meet up with that special someone. The time and effort and the different style marks that the other person means something special to you, and this is always a good way to start a date.

2. Pick him or her up at the door

No more text messages “I’m here” or “running late, I’ll see you at the movie theatre“. These are very casual and makes meeting up seem more platonic and casual. Go the extra mile of picking up your date at their house, showing up on time in a nicely manner. May sound cheesy, but it does make a difference to take that extra effort of going all the way to their house to pick them up.

3. Bring flowers

Bring flowers or another gift showing your affection to your date. Don’t be afraid that it may be “uncool”, you want the message to g o through that you do care for your date, right? This way they’ll have a memoria of your date as well which just adds a nice touch to it. You’ll know when they’ll come home they’ll see that gift and be reminded of you and your date night… It is definitely a romantic tradition needed to be brought back!

4. Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures such as writing poems or songs are really things that melt ones heart. Even though all of us might not be Shakespeare or great writers or singers, make something that you have put some effort into. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a handmade card or a small painting that looks like a 3-year old did it. When you have put time and effort onto it, that’s what matters.

5. Turn All Electronics Off

Turn your cellphones off or leave them at home. Take the time to truly spend the night with each other, instead of having that constant buzz of someone calling in the middle of dinner or texting you on whatsapp. Focus on each other, nothing else.

6. Go Dancing, Just For Fun

Today dancing has become all about “grinding” and looking “hot”. What happened to the classic dance moves that didn’t have sexual overtones where you just went out dancing for fun? 

7. Ask permission

Instead of assuming everything, ask for permission. It does make one feel special when someone asks if they can have a second date or if it’s alright that they kiss you goodnight instead of just taking it for granted.

8. Go Steady

Dating has become so difficult. When are two people a couple nowadays? No one seems to know!  The rules have changed and nowadays people rely on signs of being introduced as the boyfriend or girlfriend to other friends, or on Facebook to know whether they are a couple or not. Go back and ask your date instead. Do they want to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, or like they said in the old days, Do you want to go steady with me? It is a romantic gesture to be asked in person rather than assumed or being “asked” on Facebook .Even if you already are established as a couple, this is still adorable to ask!

/ LoveByte Cupid