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LDR Couple: Duyen & Khang

We discovered a super cute LoveByte couple, Duyen and Khang, who are in a long-distance relationship.


How did you both meet?

We first met when we were really young, about 5-6 years ago. I was 14 and he was 18 then. He said I caught his attention at first sight when he saw me in a dancing class.

We started to keep in touch again 3 or 4 years later after little contact. At that time, he was living in USA, and we used Skype to chat. I could still recall being in the library when we had our first call and the first thing he mentioned was him missing the sunlight in Ho Chi Minh city. We kept talking for months and months and I can’t remember what we talked about either or understand why we always have so much things to discuss, but we just enjoyed talking to each other. We were close and he was always around to provide a listening ear and advice.

In summer on July 7th 2014, on one of our Skype video calls, I told him that I wanted to be with him. It was an awkward moment because he was just staring back at me in front of the screen and finally he said: “Did i hear something?”

I was expecting him to reject me, but he said yes and I could feel joy from his heart. At that time I’ve known that I would waiting for his return would be such a long wait. I understood that choosing him meant a lot of waiting. My friends advised me not to sacrifice my youth and time. But deep down, I always knew he is the one for me and he’s someone worth waiting for.

What’s one challenge you have overcome as a couple?
He always try to call me as much as he could, he bought iPhones for both of us so we could Facetime for better video calls. People would ask me if I feel sad or lonely, as much as I hate to admit it, it does feel so sometimes.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

Whenever we argued, he is usually the one who will apologise no matter who was in the wrong. Usually, we use Notes on LoveByte to express our feelings and apologies, as it is sometimes too hard to say them by mouth.

Unfortunately we even don’t have a picture together yet but I look forward to the day we can meet up! He promised me that he will come back next summer and I’m very touched knowing that he’s working very hard to save up to make it happen.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

For long distance couples, loving someone living so far away is such a challenge. Always appreciate your partner’s effort to spend his time to make calls. Despite not being physically together, we choose to believe and trust each other.

The key to relationships is trust, respect, and patience.

How do you know he’s “the one”?
I know he’s the one because I have come across many guys and even though they take care of me well, I have no feelings for them. I’m always reminded about my partner no matter their advances.
Despite facing much skepticism from friends, we believe our feelings for each other is real, as we are putting in effort and doing things together to get closer with each other everyday.

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android: http://lovebyte.us/getapp.

Stay Connected: Tips to Conquer Long Distance Relationships

Due to various circumstances, many couples find themselves in long distance relationships (LDR). A statistic report released in March 2015 revealed there are 14 million people in the United States alone that claim to be in a LDR, where 3.75 million of them led to marriage. With the abundance of communication platforms such as mobile devices and emails, staying in touch is no longer that difficult for couples living apart from each other.

Long distance love

Photo Credit: Dvortygirl via Compfight cc

In a previous post, we have mentioned that LDR work successfully when built around commitment and trust. But, apart from these two important ingredients, there are ways on how can retain a strong relationship even when it’s put to the test by the distance you’re apart from one another. Here’s some effective ways to keep the flame going between you and your lover:

Play online games together
Keeping the fun in the relationship is vital for it to grow. But, how can you have fun when you are miles apart from each other? Thankfully, the Internet and computers made it easier for LDR couples to still be together in the digital world by offering online games that they can play as a team. Virtual reality games such as SIMS and Second Life are great platforms to show your closeness and desire for one another in the digital world. There are other multi-player games for couples that you can try if you can really work as a team even when you are under pressure. Loving From A Distance suggest the following games:

  • Monkey Snowfight
  • Moon Base
  • Tank Ball 2

What’s your favorite game to play with your loved ones?

Keep the communication open
If there’s one important special ingredient for any relationship to work – it’s COMMUNICATION. With the help of technology, being in a LDR is no longer that difficult. Years ago, couples had to write letters to each other to stay connected. Nowadays, smartphones allow us to be closer to our loved ones even when we are miles apart. There are top messaging apps like LoveByte, video calling features, and even social media platforms that you can use to stay connected. By keeping your communications open and almost in real-time with your partner, it’s like distance doesn’t even exist as it feels like its bringing you closer together.

Patty & Ben

Photo Credit: Rachel Hendrick via Compfight cc

Celebrate like never before
You will only feel the distance if you allow it to take over your relationship. Forget about how far you are from each other and enjoy the good times like never before. Celebrate small or big occasions together, even if it’s only via video calling. Cook together, prepare candlelight dinners, and even add wine or champagne. Show that you can enjoy and celebrate like the old times. If it’s your anniversary and you can’t be together, prepare special gifts that you can send to each other ahead of them. Life is short. Enjoy the simple things and celebrate together as a loving couple would.

Just like the famous quote goes: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if distance exists between you and your special someone, with the right amount of trust, commitment, and the rest of the items in this list – love can grow and blossom. What’s your secret ingredient(s) to keep a LDR successful? Share your experiences and tips with us below.

Contributed by Venus Mirabel

Long Distance Relationships Can Work with Commitment and Trust

We are uncovering the love story of Syrene(s). It’s definitely our first time we interview a couple sharing the same name… very interesting! Also, they are in dating from two different places, Davao city and Dumaguete city.

Syrene Renacia & Syrene Villaverde

How did you both meet?
We met in elementary school when I was in grade 6 back then and she was in grade 4. She was a transferee and since our school was not so big and I was already familiar with all the faces of the students in our school, she immediately caught my attention. She was that kind of girl who can turn one’s head immediately; pretty, simple, and amazing! I asked her classmates, who happened to be my close friends, what her name was. To my big surprise, we shared the same name with the exact spelling!!

I was but a kid who knew nothing about love but I had always admired her.  They moved away and eventually, we lost contact. After 7 long years, her family has decided to have a vacation in our town.. I was walking and suddenly I saw her with her dad. That awesome feeling upon meeting someone from the past! It was amazing that I still had the same feeling I had for her a long time ago. We reconnected and started texting again and we agreed to meet up and visit our school. And our love story began.

We have been together for almost three years, even though we are in a long-distance relationship.

What’s one of the challenges you have faced so far?
We encounter a lot of challenges in our relationship but I guess the most challenging one is the reality that we are in a long distance relationship. It is hardest especially when we fight. We don’t have any other communication to talk things but sending long messages to each other, explaining things, arguing things until we settle things out and be okay.

We do not get affected with long distance – instead we beat it with trust, loyalty, and commitment. Despite our distance, we never doubted our love. We never had anyone else just to fight the feeling of emptiness caused by the distance between us. Lastly, the commitment that we just have to love each other no matter what helps us get through it. We quarrel a lot, we get jealous, we argue, but at the end of the day, we know we’re still gonna choose each other NO MATTER WHAT.

I am proud because after all the challenges we’ve been through we are still standing strong, ready to face any battle that we face. It is not easy but we are one of the proofs that nothing is impossible.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?
Syrene LoveByte
What amazes me with this app is the feeling of belonging in it. you see there are a lot of apps that we could use but LoveByte is kinda different because it’s the only app that we value the most.

When we fought, we have changed our relationship status and unfriended each other in Facebook, deleted some precious posts on it and even deactivated our account. But strange enough, both of us have never dared to uninstall LoveByte. It’s like it truly symbolizes the value of our relationship and there’s that weird feeling of feeling that deleting our LoveByte will end everything. LoveByte is the only app that connects us this way.

We use LoveByte for posting our special moments together. One reason why I love LoveByte because even though we posted the pictures later, the app still detects the date the photo was taken. We also use LoveByte by sending sweet messages using Secret Message and having fun using its cool stickers in chat. And we love counting the days of being together.

When we want to reminisce things, LoveByte is one of our best apps to remember good things in our relationship, like a diary of our love story. Every time we open it, all the bad thoughts in our heads will be erased. Indeed, LoveByte app has lot of functions for couples.

What’s the best advice for other couples?

Don’t you ever break the trust of your partner to you, because it causes a big disaster in your relationship. Be faithful. Be honest. If you done something wrong tell her, even if you know that she’ll gone mad at you. As what they say, “It is better to hurt her with the truth, than make her happy with a lie.”

BREAKUP is never the answer. You chose someone so better stick with him/her. When you are at the verge of giving up, think of all the sacrifices you had just to keep the relationship up until this very day. It’s easy to end a relationship but it is very hard to build a new relationship with someone else. Want a better relationship? Make your move and think about ways to make your partner happier rather than thinking about how it feels to have a relationship with someone else. Remember, happy wife, happy life…

We are really excited for the couple and we wish them all the best!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android: http://lovebyte.us/getapp.

There Should Be No Expectation On How Long We Should Date Before Marriage

We are so lucky to interview a LoveByte couple, Briana & Charles, who is getting married on 4th December 2014, on their first anniversary!lovebyte success stories

How long have the two of you been together?
We have been together for 347 days. Almost a year!

How did you both meet?
We were in high school together. We were polar opposites and for some reason, that made a good friendship.

How/What do you use LoveByte for mostly?
We mainly use Lovebyte to display all of our pictures together, but we also like to keep up with all of the dates we go on.

What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?
We love going to Dave n’ Busters: Have a nice dinner, a drink, and run around playing games together. That’s always a great time.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it?
My fiance works a full-time with lots of overtime construction job and is in the army reserve and I’m a student. It’s gets frustrating having those conflicting schedules and not always being able to spend very much time together. We ultimately solve that by scheduling date nights ahead of time. We make time and we appreciate every second of it.

lovebyte success storiesHow does LoveByte help you in your relationship?
When things get rocky sometimes, LoveByte gives us daily reminders of how much we love each other. It’s visual proof of how much time and effort we have put forth to make our relationship grow and change. It even shows how much we have individually grown in our activities and lifestyle for the better.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?
Daily communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. You have to talk about things. You have to be willing to address the not-so-good moments and recognize when your significant other does things right too.

How did you know he was “the one”?
I can’t remember one specific moment when that realization came over me. I think it just built up over time. I knew there was something special about him as soon as we started dating. The careful consideration he put into everything that had to do with me, the way I always feel taken care of and loved, and the way he oftentimes looks at me just wins me over every new day.

Let’s wish the couple everlasting love in their marriage!

Stay Loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

Distance In A Relationship Can Be Overcome With Trust

Today we are talking to Olivia & Zach from US who are in a long distance relationship since this year January, here they share with us a little bit about their love story and how they make it work.


How long have the two of you been together? 

1003 days.

How did you both meet?

We met in gym class Olivia’s freshman year and Zach’s sophomore year. We had mutual friends and pretty much hit it off right away.

How did you find out about LoveByte?

Zach: I found out about it through Instagram with random people and I thought it was something nice for me and Olivia to do to share our experiences and highlight our relationship.

How/What do you use LoveByte for mostly?

Olivia:  I like putting pictures with the date of an important event so we can reminisce later. I also love being able to see how many days we’ve been together.
Zach: Mostly to see how long that we’ve been together, I’m not going to lie, it’s nice seeing an exact day count of how long you’ve been together with your significant other. Then also to highlight major events in our time together.

What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?

Olivia: To be honest, I just like being together with Zach. But I like going out to dinner and ice cream, then going home and watching a movie.
Zach: Probably going on vacations with Olivia, but even still, when we were together to relax on Sundays it was very nice. Even though we didn’t do much on those days I still loved her company.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it/still work on it?

Olivia: It’s difficult with him being across the country since he left for the military this year january, but we can still text, call, and skype which makes it easier. When the other’s person’s feeling down about not being able to see each other we always make sure to cheer them up and make them smile.
Zach: In the past was when we both didn’t drive and couldn’t just easily see each other and do stuff whenever we wanted and currently it’s her being back home and getting ready for college in PA and me being in Nevada for the Air Force.


How often do you see each other? 

Olivia: I went to see him graduate from basic training in march, and he got to come home from tech school in May, but other than that we’ll probably only be able to see each other every six months or so.

That can be pretty hard, what’s your best advice for other long distance lovers? 

Olivia: My tip for couples when you’re feeling lonely would have to be to write them a letter, call them, or text them and tell them how you feel. If they are unable to do those things, you can reminisce on your relationship, or re-read stuff they wrote to you, or even hang out with friends and family that will help you try to feel less lonely.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

Olivia: I like that we can look back at special dates in our relationship. Sometimes we sit there, go through it and think about the great memories we made/are making.
Zach: I like it because it’s a way to basically “brag” about our relationship. Haha

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

Olivia: Be honest with your significant other, no matter what; an honest relationship is a happy relationship. Also, always remember that you always love that person. Even if you’re fighting, that doesn’t mean you stopped loving them.
Zach: Have complete trust in your partner and cherish each moment together even if you don’t see each other that much. If you love each other, trust each other and have patience, you’ll make it in the long run.

/ LoveByte Cupid

How to stay in a loving relationship even when apart


A lot of people today meet on online dating sites, while abroad for work or study or whilst traveling.  A lot of existing couples have to face long distance relationships as well due to career opportunities or studies that are not available in their home town. But how to make it work if you meet that special someone and you do not live in the same town, or even the same country? We have all heard that phrase, “A long distance relationship is doomed to fail”, but is that really true? With todays globalized world isn’t it necessary to be able to cope with a long distance relationship to be able to stay with your loved one?

Well we believe so, and there are so many positive stories out there regarding successfull long distance relationships, so do not be discouraged! Here we share some insights on how you can cope with a long-distance relationship.

Do things together! There is nothing that can replace the physical aspect of your relationship, where you are doing things together such as sitting on the couch watching tv or cooking and having dinner with each other several times a week. These are moments that doesn’t require the same amount of talking as a phone call but where you are still bonding and enjoying each others company. After a few hours on the phone, how much more is there to say as your only way of communication is with words? This can for some be very frustrating and hard. In a normal relationship you would just hold hands and watch the sky together once you have nothing more to say or watch the things passing outside the window, cuddle up on the sofa and just enjoy the physical closeness of being together in quietness. This is hard to achieve when in a long distance relationship, but not impossible. The physical part is not going to be able to be re-created but some moments of bonding over everyday events can still be. To re-create some aspects of these moments in your relationship is to plan in occasions when you do things together. Who said that you can’t enjoy a meal together just because you are apart? Plan in one day when you both cook the same dish and have dinner over skype. Or plan in an evening where you watch a movie togethor or your favorite tv-show while on the phone. These moments gives you something to talk about once those everyday updates are done and gives you a chance to enjoy something together even when apart.

Communicate, a lot! Communicate with each other a lot, and not only through those hour long phone calls, but try and communicate even about those little things in your everyday life, small triumphs or tragedies, maybe you need advice about something? Share all this with your loved one through text messages, notes, short phone calls or chat messages , send a gift card or even flowers! Just to let your partner know they are on your mind. Since you won’t see each other everyday these small things are important to maintain that emotional connection between the two of you, and here quantity is more important than the quality of what you are sending.

2014-02-26 09.24.07

Flexibility. You will inevitably spend a lot of time on skype and chat to call each other and keep in touch, and yes this is extremely important as we just described. However, you do not want to feel like you are chained to a leash to skype, so try and create a routine and a flexibility that works for both of you and that you both are happy with communicationwise. This is to avoid always calling when your partner is at work or out with friends since this will make you feel like you are always disturbing and you’ll never get that chance to talk about the things important to both of you. At the same time you can’t keep your life on hold and spend every minute communicating with your loved one, so the flexibility in this routine is important. It’s ok if your partner sometimes can’t make it to your set skype-date due to work or other plans, just let your partner know you are running late or can’t make it in time to avoid frustration and dissapointment. But try to create a routine when you know you will always be in touch and have time for each other but also have time for your friends and social life. This time could be scheduled in the morning when you just woke up or at night before you are going to bed so you’ll make it a routine to call each other and say Hi. To plan in one night a week as your date-night is also a great way to plan in what to do and know that you have time to talk and enjoy each other. This would allow you to at least once a week have some hours undisturbed together.  

Talk about the future and set a plan. This is a very important part of coping with a long distance relationship. It is not easy being apart, but talking about the future and planning in things together further on makes all the troubles worthwhile since you know what you are fighting for. If it is impossible to have a plan for the future of when you can live together in the same country or in the same city, try and set dates for when you are seeing each other next time before you leave every time you visit each other, this will make it easier to cope with the distance because you know you when and how soon you will see each other again.

2014-02-26 09.09.11

Visit as often as you can. To visit each other as often as you can is important so you don’t loose the emotional and physical closeness, but this can sometimes be easily forgotten when you are busy with work, friends and the budget and time doesn’t always allow you to visit as often or as long as you would like too. But do remember to set time off to visit your loved one, even if it is only for a few days and make the effort even if it may seem troublesome and far away, it is all worth it in the end when you truly love someone.

Last but not least,  Stay Positive! There are many aspects that are great with a long distant relationship as well! You get more time to spend with your friends, focus on your career, studies or a hobby that you love. Why not take advantage of that time? Do remember that all long distance relationships have an end as well so this is not something that will last forever, and everyday apart, is one day closer to seeing each other again. Once you do get to see each other again the time spent is as well more valid, as you enjoy every second of each others company. There are a lot of stories where long distance relationship couples actually are happier as they tend to focus more on the positive side of the relationship and really spend quality time together once they meet.

/LoveByte Cupid