Long Distance Relationships Can Work with Commitment and Trust

We are uncovering the love story of Syrene(s). It’s definitely our first time we interview a couple sharing the same name… very interesting! Also, they are in dating from two different places, Davao city and Dumaguete city.

Syrene Renacia & Syrene Villaverde

How did you both meet?
We met in elementary school when I was in grade 6 back then and she was in grade 4. She was a transferee and since our school was not so big and I was already familiar with all the faces of the students in our school, she immediately caught my attention. She was that kind of girl who can turn one’s head immediately; pretty, simple, and amazing! I asked her classmates, who happened to be my close friends, what her name was. To my big surprise, we shared the same name with the exact spelling!!

I was but a kid who knew nothing about love but I had always admired her.  They moved away and eventually, we lost contact. After 7 long years, her family has decided to have a vacation in our town.. I was walking and suddenly I saw her with her dad. That awesome feeling upon meeting someone from the past! It was amazing that I still had the same feeling I had for her a long time ago. We reconnected and started texting again and we agreed to meet up and visit our school. And our love story began.

We have been together for almost three years, even though we are in a long-distance relationship.

What’s one of the challenges you have faced so far?
We encounter a lot of challenges in our relationship but I guess the most challenging one is the reality that we are in a long distance relationship. It is hardest especially when we fight. We don’t have any other communication to talk things but sending long messages to each other, explaining things, arguing things until we settle things out and be okay.

We do not get affected with long distance – instead we beat it with trust, loyalty, and commitment. Despite our distance, we never doubted our love. We never had anyone else just to fight the feeling of emptiness caused by the distance between us. Lastly, the commitment that we just have to love each other no matter what helps us get through it. We quarrel a lot, we get jealous, we argue, but at the end of the day, we know we’re still gonna choose each other NO MATTER WHAT.

I am proud because after all the challenges we’ve been through we are still standing strong, ready to face any battle that we face. It is not easy but we are one of the proofs that nothing is impossible.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?
Syrene LoveByte
What amazes me with this app is the feeling of belonging in it. you see there are a lot of apps that we could use but LoveByte is kinda different because it’s the only app that we value the most.

When we fought, we have changed our relationship status and unfriended each other in Facebook, deleted some precious posts on it and even deactivated our account. But strange enough, both of us have never dared to uninstall LoveByte. It’s like it truly symbolizes the value of our relationship and there’s that weird feeling of feeling that deleting our LoveByte will end everything. LoveByte is the only app that connects us this way.

We use LoveByte for posting our special moments together. One reason why I love LoveByte because even though we posted the pictures later, the app still detects the date the photo was taken. We also use LoveByte by sending sweet messages using Secret Message and having fun using its cool stickers in chat. And we love counting the days of being together.

When we want to reminisce things, LoveByte is one of our best apps to remember good things in our relationship, like a diary of our love story. Every time we open it, all the bad thoughts in our heads will be erased. Indeed, LoveByte app has lot of functions for couples.

What’s the best advice for other couples?

Don’t you ever break the trust of your partner to you, because it causes a big disaster in your relationship. Be faithful. Be honest. If you done something wrong tell her, even if you know that she’ll gone mad at you. As what they say, “It is better to hurt her with the truth, than make her happy with a lie.”

BREAKUP is never the answer. You chose someone so better stick with him/her. When you are at the verge of giving up, think of all the sacrifices you had just to keep the relationship up until this very day. It’s easy to end a relationship but it is very hard to build a new relationship with someone else. Want a better relationship? Make your move and think about ways to make your partner happier rather than thinking about how it feels to have a relationship with someone else. Remember, happy wife, happy life…

We are really excited for the couple and we wish them all the best!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android: http://lovebyte.us/getapp.

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