6 Sweet Fun Things Couples Do On LoveByte

1. Matching Profile Photos

LoveByte matching photo LoveByte Profile  

What type of couple are you? We really liked the profile pictures of George and Jiahui! Having a sense of humour always fills a relationship with fun and laughter.

Declare your love for one another with a pair of our matching profile photos, but in a more private way, if matching outfits are too “loud” for you.

2. Write Sweet Notes

There’s nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning to a heartfelt note lovingly written by your favourite person in the world, expressing what he/she has been wanting to say but haven’t had the chance to verbalise, or is too shy to say it. As a LoveByte user Kim calls it, it’s “sweetness overload”!

We’re often too guilty of holding back on saying what we truly feel, for many reasons; but you know what? It’s far more frightening if you don’t say anything – you don’t want to regret it later. NEVER wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love and how much you care.

3. Converse using stickers

With Stickers, don’t worry about having your intentions misinterpreted. There’s always a cute image that expresses how you feel, making your partner smile and laugh at the same time. Check out the Sticker Store in LoveByte app for more goodies.

4. Cover Photos


Take the chance to define what your relationship is about. Like Cover Photos on Facebook, this is your shared Timeline as a couple. You can make a beautiful collage of your photos, use inspiring scenic images, or favourite quotes. Be creative and use images that express the both of you well!

5. Send Fun Scratchcards

LoveByte cards LoveByte scratchcards

Did you know that you can customise your own scratch card? Other than choosing your next fun date activity suggested by LoveByte, come up with your own wacky things to do. Or as seen in the screenshots above, use them as a Card and your partner will be thrilled as they unveil what surprise you have for them. P.S. You can send Secret Message in Chat too!

6. Celebrate Special Days of Togetherness

Days Together LoveByte

Every day is a special day… but some days are more special than the rest! It feels good looking at the Days Together counter, especially when you reach a nice number and look back on how far you’ve come together as a pair.

You don’t need to celebrate your love only on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary. These  ‘milestones’ are equally deserving of our attention and it automatically qualifies as a good day!

A very brilliant idea by LoveByte user Jeremy to use propose to his long time girlfriend, now fiancée, on their 3344th day together (which has a Chinese meaning of “eternity”, similar to 1314). And as the caption says… “It’s a YES!!!” LoveByte is happy to play a part in loving relationships. We wish them all the best in their life together! :)

What are some cute ways that you use LoveByte? Let us know in the comments below!

LoveByte Cupid <3

(Pictures used in this post are taken from social media posts set to Public)
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