Sweet Surprises

Any time you throw in a sweet surprise in your relationship, like a last-minute trip, an unusual date location or an unexpected gift, it sends signals in your brain that register love and bonding. Novelty as well triggers the same physical sensations you had when your relationship was new, like butterfiles in the stomach and sweaty palms, so these little everyday surprises and exciting adventures are important to keep the spark alive in your relationship and to make you fall in love all over again.

Here we’ve gathered our top 5 tips on how to easily surprise your loved one this month when they least expect it. We are sure these tips will make their heart skip a beat and put a huge smile on their face <3

Write a loving message on their breakfast spoon with a marker 


While in the shower, write a loving message with your finger in the mirror



Make their breakfast toast with a loving touch 




Buy Flowers for no special reason


Surprise them with a really romantic candlelight & rose petals dinner at home