7 easy and free ways to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s day!

Why not make this Valentine’s the best one yet? Shower your loved one with love all week with these 7 easy ways so that when that special day comes your loved one is already full of love and you can enjoy your night together in all harmony <3

1. Download LoveByte and send an invitation to your loved one. When he logs in you have decorated the timeline with all your important dates, photos, and loving notes. Your loved one will definitely appreciate the time you spent recording and commemorating all those special days you’ve spent together <3


2. Decorate the door in the morning with post-it notes with the top 5 things you love about your loved one or just a simple “I love you”  so when he or she leaves will receive a pleasant surprise before heading out and can start the day with a huge smile.

post it love you

This photo is from Molly’s Wildolive blog where she gives a tip on how you can create these awesome pre-printed post it’s yourself! 

If you are not living together, why not send your loved one loving notes in the LoveByte app so when they wake up and open their phone they’ll find your loving messages at the top of the timeline <3 .


3. Maybe there’s something you know your loved one have wanted to do but not had the time to around the house, or maybe it’s a chore that your loved one always does? Why not surprise him or her by doing it for them on this special day!


4. Leave a small love-note or a letter in your loved ones wallet or laptop so they will find it later during the day and get a nice surprise! 


5. When your loved one comes home, place a trail of photos, notes for him to follow around the house and then surprise them at the end with a dinner with their favorite food and favorite loved one of course! (meaning you, silly!)  

6. To continue the number 5 idea but to make it even more adventurous, why not make your loved one go on a scavenger hunt to find you?  Send your loved one text messages or place out notes in a clever way for him or her to find you, and at the end you’ve planned a romantic picnic in the park or any other romantic location of your choice.

picnicLoveByte video

7. Hide romantic coupons around the house and let your loved one go on a hunt to find them!
Here are some freebies that will come in handy for you. Download LoveByte love coupons here. Print them and send your partner a treat!

Have a great time! Stay Loving with LoveByte!

LoveByte Cupid <3