Spontaneous June Champion Couples!

Greetings from LoveByte!

As all of you have heard, last month was Spontaneous June and all in the spirit of spontaneity,  we had an impromptu mini contest for our users. All they had to do was to show us how, as a couple, they kept the spark in their relationship alive in any way they fancy. That’s right, we pretty much left it to them to exercise their creative and boy, do we get a lot of interesting ones. But as promised, we are going to showcase 3 of our favorites. Here we go!

1. Cepheus and Madeline

Random and simple activities together are things that make them tick. Spending time and making little efforts to have fun with each other are the important things they keep in mind. To keep their love alive Cepheus and Madeline will engage in impromptu activities and indulge in mini contests against each other for the fun of it.

“Madeline and I were on a vacation in Taiwan, when we saw some steamed sweet corn at a night market. She had this brilliant (or not so brilliant…) idea of having a corn fight. Basically we’ll see who can finish a corn faster. No prizes, no punishment, just for the pure fun of it. Check out the video to see what happened =)”


2. Charmaine and Wen Kai

“Love is when he sleeps soundly beside you and you take minutes observing his face and finds him absolutely beautiful.”  – Charmaine

This couple keeps their love alive by always putting themselves in each other shoes, be it good or bad times. They find pleasure in life’s minute details and cherish every moment they have with each other.

A beautiful collage made with some of the loveliest moments they had with each other, little details in life and love keep their hearts close to one another.



3. Tricia and JiaJun

Penchant for all things cute and handmade, Tricia and JiaJun shower each other with precious handmade/homemade gifts and that was how they warm each other’s heart during up and down times.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking!!






That concludes our most spontaneous and lovely couples on LoveByte!

Stay Loving!


LoveByte Cupid