10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is not the cruellest day of the year. Don’t worry about being single on Valentine’s Day. “It’s too commercialised.” Trust me – the last thing you want to do is mope and have lovey dovey couples express their sympathy. Feeling sorry for yourself is completely not the way to go. Put down that handkerchief already.

Here the LoveByte cupid gives you ideas on how you can celebrate your single status on Valentine’s Day – you might even find your own true love!

  1. Single Awareness Day…

    Yeah, it also coincidentally spells “S.A.D” but so what? Declare that you are single not because you are unwanted, but because you choose to and don’t need validation.

  2. Celebrate singledom with friends

    Spend the day being thankful for being single and not feeling obliged to send someone a tacky teddy bear carrying a heart. Get your other single friends together and make it the Best.Night.Ever. Pour a glass and raise a toast!

  3. Treat yourself

    It’s actually a nightmarish, stressful event for couples – they are expected to plan an eventful day of dreamy quality time… where most define them as fancy dinner, made complete with expensive gifts. These things usually come at a high price… Guess what? Being single means you save on such expenses, and that makes it a good reason to buy yourself that thing you’ve been wanting to buy, but always felt you shouldn’t. Go on, pamper yourself. Because you deserve it.

  4. Be your own Secret Valentine

    Send yourself a bouquet to your work address signed from ‘Your Secret Valentine’. Or if you prefer drama, send a few more. Don’t forget the teddy bears, chocolates and love notes. When your colleagues ask who sent them, smile and say you wish you knew. The best part of all? You get to enjoy the goodies to yourself.

  5. Pretend it’s “just another day”

    And that you don’t give a f***. When you probably actually are secretly slightly bothered by it (or else, why are you reading this? Gotcha!) But be careful about not spoiling other people’s fun, or you will look like sour grapes.

  6. Babysit your friends’ kids

    Well, since it’s just another day for you but may not mean the same for somebody else, offer to take care of the kids while your married friends go on their date. Might as well be a good Samaritan.

  7. Subtly announce to your social network that you’re single

    Post a semi-emotional update about how long it’s been since you dated, how much you miss the feeling of being in love, then curiously wonder where all the “good guys” have gone. Sure, there’s bound to have many eyes rolling at the sight of such posts, but you may also expect some new invitations to hang out over drinks, or maybe even a confession from that ex-classmate who always had a crush on you since high school.

  8. Lock yourself up in your cell

    Don’t show up anywhere public. Become totally uncontactable. Hibernate for 24 hours and trick your brain into believing you’re happy by eating all the chocolate you can find. Thankfully, this happens only 1 in 365 days.

  9. Appeal for a “Awesome Singles Day”

    Write a list of all the good points about being single. It deserves to be a holiday too, you know?

  1. Go for an overseas vacation

    Brag about your surprise romantic getaway to your friends by sharing those beautiful pictures on Facebook. And when they ask for pictures of your partner? “Naw, he’s a really private person.”

Take all these advice with a pinch of salt. No matter what day it is, remember that even if you are unattached, you are always loved and never alone. This #foreveralone hashtag does not apply to you. We are equally happy on Valentine’s Day just as we are on any other day, so Happy Valentine’s Day!

LoveByte Cupid <3