Shopping for your loved one this Christmas

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 Are you cracking your head over what to get for your special someone this Christmas?

We completely understand what you are going through. There are simply so many times in a year when giving presents has become a social obligation ie. birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries. Oh wait, is anyone still doing monthsary gift exchanges ??!

We hear many couples complain about trying to be creative and coming up with a unique present each time can be difficult. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be stressful at all! Here are some tips for an enjoyable Christmas gift hunting this year:

    • Decide on a budget
      As much as we would like to give whatever our loved ones what they want, it is not always possible.When we take into account the amount of money that would be spent on Christmas parties and gifts for friends and family, we might not have very much left. Deciding on the amount you would want to spend helps you narrow down your choices! How about considering a couple T-shirt?
    • Communicate
      As much as we love surprises, sometimes it is easier for both parties to talk about the things they would like to have. Of course this has to be done with tact. There are too many times when one asks “What do you want? I don’t know what to buy”, he or she is assumed to be lazy and insincere. It is important that you let your partner know that you would like to get the perfect gift but might need a bit of help getting there.Use the cute emoticons in the LoveByte Chat feature to better convey your emotions and help ease tension when conversations get strained.Talk to each other about budget constraints. You could set a budget limit that both of you are comfortable with to prevent anybody from feeling short changed. Or if you think that you might not be afford what your partner wants, letting him or her understand can help prevent any disappointments later.
    • Don’t be so hard on each other
      Maybe your partner has been really caught up with work or maybe you guys simply have different tastes or expectations, which is why I will recommend communication first. In the event the gift your partner gets you falls below expectations, you don’t have to like it, but you should appreciate the effort and thought nonetheless.At the same time, take care of yourself. Don’t get overstressed and overwhelmed by the whole gift exchange affair. It does not always have to be a surprise.Christmas is the perfect occasion for loved ones to get together and be merry, it ain’t all about the presents.
    • Go Christmas shopping together
      I can’t think of a better idea than this. You know it’s the perfect gift when you see your partner’s face light up.So you might ask, without the gift exchange, what do you do on Christmas Day?You might have too much turkey and have to re-watch sappy Christmas movies. But as long as you keep talking and laughing, I guarantee both of you will have an absolutely great time together.

When you’ve got each other, honestly, what else do you need?

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Happy Christmas shopping!
Do share with us your experience with your loved one this Christmas :)

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