Love Happens #6 – “Will you marry me?”

“I asked her outside her house if she’d be mine.”

“I asked her outside her house if she’d be mine.”

This shy and lovely couple from Hong Kong were here in Singapore for their honeymoon. Proposals are tough. It takes lots of thought, consideration and planning. It needs a “right” time and place. It calls for an appropriate mood. But most importantly, it requires a love so strong and powerful, a love which goes beyond crazy adrenaline rushes, romantic dates and reckless getaways. It involves thinking for and committing to the long-term. It’s about being there no matter what, through thick and thin, the good and bad, in health and in sickness. And with every married couple, two separate souls become one. It’s a truly beautiful thing.

With the trends of flamboyant and large-scale proposals which involve singing, dancing, flash mobs, etc. planning a proposal can be pressurizing. However, do not forget that a marriage proposal should be about both you and your partner, and your love. Hence, any proposal, public or private, should always be comfortable for both of you, and as long as it is sincere, I believe it will take her breath away. (:

Love is always in the air during the Christmas season, and if you’re thinking of popping the question, this may be a good time to do so. All the best to you guys and girls out there! (: LoveByte is behind you! (:

With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3