Nov 11 – Pepero Day

How did Pepero Day start?

Started in South Korea, Pepero Day is probably the second hugest event for couples after Valentine’s Day. Pepero Day is named after the popular Korean snack Pepero and is held on November 11 annually, because the date “11/11” resembles five sticks of Pepero. Many young people and couples celebrate Pepero Day by gifting each other Pepero, chocolates, candies and other romantic gifts. Isn’t it no surprise that Lotte makes almost 50% of their Pepero business in November, thanks to this holiday!?

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In Japan, it’s known as Pocky Day. (Ironically, it’s “Singles Day” in China.) If you intend to get some to give to your special ones, it might be wiser to get them early… in case it’s sold out!

If you intend to make your own DIY sticks, here’s a tutorial!

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