New Features on Lovebyte (v.09)

The long awaited LoveByte’s update is out! LoveByte definitely heard our fans’ request. Do update and check out these exciting new features!

Photo albums

When you press Photos, you now have the choice of sorting them into albums. We heard you, so here it is. Be creative as you want with the titles!

To access this, just tap on “Photos” on the couple profile.

We’ve been told that online communication sometimes get misintepreted due to the lack of expressions. Because communication, 85% is body language, 10% is the tone and only 5% is the content.

For a start, we have our cutest mascots emoticons. Five basic faces have been included for FREE.

For the premium faces, it is USD $0.99 for 16 emoticons. So buy it and use it as many times as you want because they won’t expire. Tell us which ones are your favourite!

Delete account

If for some reasons if you would like to delete your account (eg. duplicate accounts), the function is available now.

Update the app on App Store now!

Stay loving!

LoveByte Cupid <3

P.S. Thank you all for the support! We love all the feedback that we’ve received.

Talk to us at for app related issues. Or just say HI! :)
(We’re unable to identify users from app store reviews, so please talk to us directly… we don’t bite!)

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