Marry Me March!

Hi LoveByters!

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It’s March and our theme for this month is ‘Marry Me March!’ (: And before you feel pressured by us, we aren’t asking you all to propose to your significant other and get married immediately (though that will be awesome) (: Instead, this month, we are helping you with your brainstorming on proposal ideas! :D If you’re still really really young and don’t have marriage in mind yet, no worries because this post is for you too. Our ideas can also be adapted to fit birthday or anniversary surprises.

1. Planning

For any event, some planning is definitely required. A bare minimum would be deciding a suitable location, time, day and people to invite. Are you planning a up close-and-personal romantic surprise or a huge party surprise? With the vast amount and diversity of ideas available on the internet, use your imagination and allow your creative juices to flow! (: Remember, a well-thought out surprise raises the probability of success. Also, serious thought and consideration put into planning is a kind of effort on your part. Effort is highly symbolic as it tells a lot about how much importance you place on your partner. Plan well, catch your partner when they least expect it and a good surprise ensues!

2. Sensitivity

So what have surprises and proposals got to do with sensitivity? LOADS. Be sensitive and aware of your surroundings, the ambiance, and most importantly, your partner.

While there are no absolute guides to planning the perfect surprise, sensitivity towards your partner is highly important. His/her preferences are of key. If your partner is more of an introvert, a highly personal date night with the sudden champagne or rose bouquet will work better than a house full of guests and catered buffet. If your partner often voices his/her hope to spend more time alone with you, it’s also a sign that he/she prefers exclusivity. Some gifts are better than others too, so be clear of your partner’s tastes and needs.

Also, if it’s a proposal you are planning for, try and recall if any hints have been made. A proposal is symbolically significant and sometimes, your partner has some expectations on how he/she would like it to be. Many times, we neglect our partner’s preferences and do things our way. While we act with our best and most sincere intentions, paying more attention to our partner can guide us to love them better and in a way they most prefer. (:

3. Sincerity

Whatever you do, whether it’s a proposal, surprise or even day-to-day dates, always be sincere. Sincerity is something money can never buy. When you are sincere from the bottom of your heart, your partner would feel it and be moved by your love. (: Sincerity never goes wrong.

Good luck and have a merry March! (:

With merry love,

LoveByte Cupid :3