Happy Magnanimous May!


Hi LoveByters, have you recently been annoyed at your other half, frustrated by their unyielding bad habits, or simply ticked off by their careless remarks?

Truthfully, love is not all a bed of roses, and the journey may sometimes be rough. Here, I urge you to remember that a relationship is all about accommodating each other, embracing the flaws, and simply loving how perfectly imperfect your other half is.┬áNothing is more attractive than a big, warm heart that is forgiving and ever-loving. Take time to grow that heart of yours. Allow it to grow with love, patience and kindness. Also, do not limit the love your heart has to offer by just showering them on one person. Your family, friends and even the strangers you meet daily are all worthy of the warmth and joy your heart of gold can bring. Really, be the best for the world, and you’ll realize how that’s the best you that you could ever be. (:

Forgive past mistakes and let both of you learn from them, move on and be a stronger couple than before. Also, spread your love to the world by doing good deeds together.

This month, I’ve only got one date activity for you – do volunteering together. ┬áI can’t stress how important it is to give back to society and volunteering seems to be a good activity. It not only helps others in need, but also, strengthens your love in many ways. Seeing the needs of others makes us all more appreciative and volunteering has made me really grateful for all that I have – the family and friends I’ve been lucky to have. Volunteering can also help you appreciate the love your partner has given you better. And the key to a relationship is to always be thankful on not take your other half for granted. Of course, volunteer and serve with not your interests in mind but your recipients’. Just reap the life-enriching benefits that come with serving. (:

Wishing you an amazing Magnanimous May,

LoveByte Cupid :3