There Should Be No Expectation On How Long We Should Date Before Marriage

We are so lucky to interview a LoveByte couple, Briana & Charles, who is getting married on 4th December 2014, on their first anniversary!lovebyte success stories

How long have the two of you been together?
We have been together for 347 days. Almost a year!

How did you both meet?
We were in high school together. We were polar opposites and for some reason, that made a good friendship.

How/What do you use LoveByte for mostly?
We mainly use Lovebyte to display all of our pictures together, but we also like to keep up with all of the dates we go on.

What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?
We love going to Dave n’ Busters: Have a nice dinner, a drink, and run around playing games together. That’s always a great time.

Discuss one of the most testing challenges you have faced so far, as a couple and how do the two of you ultimately resolve it?
My fiance works a full-time with lots of overtime construction job and is in the army reserve and I’m a student. It’s gets frustrating having those conflicting schedules and not always being able to spend very much time together. We ultimately solve that by scheduling date nights ahead of time. We make time and we appreciate every second of it.

lovebyte success storiesHow does LoveByte help you in your relationship?
When things get rocky sometimes, LoveByte gives us daily reminders of how much we love each other. It’s visual proof of how much time and effort we have put forth to make our relationship grow and change. It even shows how much we have individually grown in our activities and lifestyle for the better.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?
Daily communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. You have to talk about things. You have to be willing to address the not-so-good moments and recognize when your significant other does things right too.

How did you know he was “the one”?
I can’t remember one specific moment when that realization came over me. I think it just built up over time. I knew there was something special about him as soon as we started dating. The careful consideration he put into everything that had to do with me, the way I always feel taken care of and loved, and the way he oftentimes looks at me just wins me over every new day.

Let’s wish the couple everlasting love in their marriage!

Stay Loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

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