10 Love Locks Around the World

In this current age, filled with indefinite uncertainties and complexities, won’t you wish that at least for love, you can have the ability to lock it in for the highly-desirable-yet-overly-cliché “eternity”? Truth is, even way before our time, believed to be back in ancient China, couples actually do have a culture to symbolize this very wish – to attach a padlock to a chain or a gate, and then toss the keys away in order to represent eternal love.

This culture had a resounding following, signified by an astonishing number of locations around the world currently that embraces the love locks. Do you want to be a part of this tradition? Note down these locations which allows you to display your commitment to love via the love locks!

LoveByte recommends 10 of such locations around the world:

      1. Namsan Tower in Seoul, Korea

        Credits: Tiwinh

        For those riding on the k-wave that has persisted over recent years, the iconic Namsan Tower (or more commonly known as the N-Seoul tower) may sound familiar to you. Located in the country’s capital, Seoul, it is a must-go for tourists and a popular location for couples to have their love locks attached to the tower fences.

      2. Fengyuan, Taiwan

        Love Lock in Fengyuan, wish locks
        Credits: Kaminoge

        Out of the numerous love lock locations on bridges that cross over bodies of water, this particular bridge (or perhaps an overpass to be specific) in Fengyuan, Taiwan, crosses over the train tracks of the city’s train station. According to the local legend, it is said that the magnetic field generated by trains passing underneath will cause energy to accumulate in the locks above, thereby fulfilling the wishes. Hence, the locks here are not specifically meant just for lovers, and are also more widely known as “wish locks” instead.

      3. Huangshan, China

        Love Lock in Huangshan, China
        Image: Flickr

        Rounding up some of the love lock locations in the world, we head back to when the tradition is believed to have originated from, China. On Mount Huang (Huangshan), it can be seen that nearly every metal chain-linked fence or metal pole has been clad with locks affixed by couples who wish for eternal love. And according to the custom, the keys are to be rather conveniently thrown down the cliff to complete the “locking of souls”.

      4. Pont de l’Archevêché Bridge (Pont des Arts Bridge) in Paris, France

        Credits: dailyphotostream

        The Pont de l’Archevêché Bridge (or Archbishop’s Bridge), is located in Paris, France. There is no doubt that such a culture too, exists in one of the world’s most romantic cities. The love locks are attached onto the railings of the arch bridge, which crosses over River Seine.

      5. Ponte Milvio in Rome, Italy

        Love Locks in Ponte Milvio in Rome, Italy
        Credits: peaceandloveand

        Love locks in Ponete Milvio in Rome, Italy, were mainly inspired by a fictional event in the book I Want You by Italian author Federico Moccia. The tradition began only in late 2006, whereby the pioneering love locks were attached to a lamppost on the bridge. Due to the weight of the locks, the lamppost ultimately collapsed and since then, the locks are attached all around the bridge, road posts and even garbage bins.

      6. Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow, Russia

        Credits: Flickr

        At Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow, Russia, curious looking metallic trees can be seen “planted” along the bridge. That’s where newlyweds place, as they would like to call it, “happiness locks” in order to symbolize their love. In fact, the practice became so popular that more of such trees have to be “planted” in order to cope with the increasing demand!

      7. Hohenzollem Bridge in Cologne, Germany

        Credits: Flickr

        Love has found its way onto the Hohenzollem Bridge in 2008 when people started attaching love locks on its fence, between the sidewalk and tracks. To top it up, the HoHenzollem Bridge was mentioned by Nits, a Dutch band in their song “Love Locks”!

      8. Malá Strana District in Prague, Czech Republic

        Credits: rachelphotodiary

        The love locks in Prague, Czech Republic can be a little harder to locate and therefore this might appeal to the adventure-thirsty couple. In the Malá Strana District, the locks can be found on a small pedestrian bridge, over a sidearm of the longest river in Czech Republic, Vltava. An additional piece of information, its adjacent street is Velkopřevorské náměsti (Grand Priory Square), which is just located next to an unofficial but monumental John Lennon Wall.

      9. Fountain at Montevideo, Uruguay

        Fountain at Montevideo, Uruguay
        Credits: globetrottergirls

        Conveniently known as the Fountain of Montevideo, it sits in a business commercial street of Avenida 18 de Julio. Love locks can be found affixed to fence surrounding the fountain. If that is not a clear sign of what the fountain is meant for, a plague on the fountain is able to affirm couples that you are at the right location. It reads: “The legend of this young fountain tells us that if a lock with the initials of two people in love is placed in it, they will return together to the fountain and their love will be forever locked”.

      10. Two Lovers’ Point in Guam

        Two Lovers’ Point in Guam
        Credits: Flickr

        The Two Lovers’ Point lies in the northern part of Guam, specifically in Tumon Bay which overlooks the Philippine Sea. It is the location of an ancient Chamorro legend where, like all classic stories of forbidden love, two lovers had decided to take their lives by leaping from the side of the cliff so that they could be together in beyond their death. Due to this tale, love locks can then be seen affixed to the deck, likely to commemorate the magnificence of love.

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