‘Love Happens’

“Tis’ the season to be jolly”

Well, we can’t have ‘jolly’ without friends and family now can we? oh, and there’s that special someone too. (:

In view of the Christmas season, we have launched our very own photography campaign, titled ‘Love Happens’, as inspired by ‘Humans of New York’. LoveByte seeks to capture the wonderful stories of love and compassion behind the faces of those we see strolling down the streets of downtown Singapore. Of the couples, friends and families we cross paths with daily, how often do we actually stop to think about the stories and relationships behind the smiles we see, the eyes we look into and the people we brush shoulders against in the crowd? Yes, we may all be “average people”, but “average” isn’t boring. On the contrary, “average” means so much that “average” isn’t quite “average” indeed.

Cause it's you and me and all of the people With nothing to do, nothing to lose

“Cause it’s you and me and all of the people
With nothing to do, nothing to lose”

So, starting from today till the end of December, we would be sharing the beautiful snapshots taken of lovers and friends. Please feel free to leave us a comment on your thoughts and also, if you spot anyone you know, do remember to ‘like’ the photo and even ‘share’ the photo on Facebook with them! (:

Here’s wishing you all an enjoyable time participating in our campaign as a wonderful audience who we hope to inspire. Enjoy the snapshots, know the stories behind them and last but not least, in view of this season of giving, let’s all learn more about love and how we could sustain that burning passion and undying love for the special people in our lives. (:

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With Christmas Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3