Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

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Valentines’ Day will be here in a blink of an eye! So, you haven’t had the time to plan a thoughtful surprise for the occasion, huh? Missed that hotel reservation? Don’t worry, there are other ways out.

As much as Valentine’s Day has turned into an overly-commercialized holiday, we wouldn’t recommend spending a bomb trying to impress your other half, ending up with a hole in your wallet. It doesn’t make much sense, if you ask us. The holiday is meant to be a celebration of love and romance, so focus on creating more happy and meaningful moments with your loved one instead of getting distracted by the expensive, fancy presents.

To help you get inspired, here are the top five gifts for him and her this Valentine’s Day, carefully selected by LoveByte’s own Love Guru which we are pretty sure will be appreciated by your significant other:

For Her:

#1 Personalized candies

Studies have shown that having a sweet tooth is really a girl thing. Why not give it a nice touch by  personalizing Valentines’ day candy with her name on it? Better yet, profess your love on these little sweets that will melt both in her mouth and in her heart! And yes, you have permission to be mushy.

#2 A poem or a love letter.

Literally, show some love. We ladies know how hard it is for a men to sit and pour his heart out on a piece of paper.  A heartfelt letter saying why you love her, what her most beautiful traits are, and why she means the world to you! Or write down your love story. This gift is priceless and the most thoughtful.

#3 Jewellery and Sparkles.

All girls will feel pampered when their loved ones buy them jewellery. This is because a guy who buys a woman jewelry, it symbolizes commitment and devotion, particularly if it’s a piece of jewellery that he has put in effort to personally choose or design. So guys, get that creative juices flowing and show her she’s worth your time, money and effort!

#4 Floral bouquets.

We know this sounds old, but trust us. Even if there is nothing else from you, a bouquet usually does the trick. Have it delivered to the office as a sweet surprise, and you’ll have her squealing in delight. Yes, that would probably make her colleagues jealous but you know she’ll be smiling the whole day away. :)

#5 Bacon roses.

baconrosesYes we said it… Nothing says I love you more than BACON.

#6 Romantic dinner for 2 and a personalized gift.

Perfect, sure kill combo for Valentines’ day. What’s not to love about a romantic home cooked dinner with sweet love songs playing in the background and a personalized teddy bear wearing a “I LOVE YOU” tee sitting next to 2 glasses of Chardonnay filled crystal glass? She’ll have to hold back her tears.

For Him:

#1 His favourite console game or toy

All guys have a boyish side to them that never go with age. What are his hobbies? If you know there’s this game he’s been dying to get his hands on, he’ll definitely love it!

#2 Personalized accessories

If you’re stumped  on what to get, it’s a safe bet that men like useful gifts. Accessories are also a good idea as they are practical. There could be a shirt that he wanted to get but found it overpriced. Get it for him. Alternatively, make this gift a little more special and custom-made with either a tie, hat, cap, bracelet or any kind of accessories that you know he wears.

#3 Handmade card

Get creative! If you’re on a tight budget, spend some time to make something personal. Such gifts always bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to the heart; accompanied with a photo of you in something cute, while you’re at it! I’m sure your guy will be touched and happy with a simple and yet meaningful and thoughtful.

#4 Romantic dinner for 2

Similarly, guys will also appreciate home made dinner and quality T.I.M.E with their loved ones as well. So instead wrecking your brains trying to think of material gifts for him, why not try out different recipes you think he will enjoy and get cracking in the kitchen! Perhaps, after that you both can even enjoy cuddling up on the sofa while watching a romantic comedy.

#5 5 Valentines’ day mix tape

Compiling all his and your favourite songs, especially those that stir up special and happy memories only the both of you share. Put it in the car, or add them into his iPod, so that it can be enjoyed any other day after Valentines’ Day and he can always relive those special moments as he sings along to them. Isn’t that sweet?

As corny as it sounds, remember it’s the thought that counts not the gift. We’ll say it again: Don’t get too caught up in getting the ‘perfect gift’ and forget about letting your significant other know how much you love them. Enjoy the special date and make it the best Valentine’s Day for the both of you! :)

Photo Credit: We Heart It

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