10 Date Ideas for Jolly January!

How’s everyone coping so far with the first month of this year? Here at LoveByte, things have been looking up for us and we’re excited to embrace the opportunities available to us in 2014! (: look out for new updates of our app and…a whole new version 2 coming up later this year (sorry, we’re not gonna’ spoil the fun and tell you which month it’ll be released, BUT WAIT FOR IT!)

We at LoveByte have termed this month…Jolly January! 


Indeed, let this year be a happy one by starting it with smiles, laughter and fun! Even if the first two weeks of this month haven’t been awesome, MOVE ON and make things better and happier, day by day! It’s still early on in the year, so don’t you dare have negative thoughts about this year being a bad one just because you’ve had a few gloomy days yeah! Since it’s Jolly January, take up this challenge – DO SOMETHING FUN AND/OR ENJOYABLE EVERYDAY for the remaining days of the month! (:

Here are some date ideas for you LoveByters out there!

1. List down your resolutions. And stick to it.

Instead of the usual setting of resolutions through making mental notes, this time round write them down. Meet up with your boo and exchange resolutions and help each other keep in check that you guys stay focused on your goals! Split your list into two sections – general resolutions for yourself and a section on shared resolutions – resolutions for the both of you with regards to your relationship. (:

2. Enjoy a staycation.

We often get consumed by our busy schedules as the days go by. Often, the busier we get, the more stressed out we are likely to become. Why not take a weekend to relax and unwind? Take a simple staycation at a local resort. Go to a neighbouring state and stay there for a night. Take the time to bond with your boo. Spend the night up just talking about life or playing console games. Both are different kinds of fun, but ultimately, they can successfully help you both unwind and bring you two closer. (:

3. Have a crazy board games night with friends and family.

Relationships shouldn’t be a two-people thing all the time (face it, it can’t.) Why not invite both you and your boo’s parents and siblings (include the little nieces and nephews too!) and have a fun night of good food and board games fun? (: play games that encourage laughter and limit competition, games like cherades are easy to set-up, understand and play! :D

4. Do spring cleaning together.

It’s never a “right” time to pack our rooms and neaten up is it? Why not take up the challenge of clearing up and have your boo work on the task at hand with you? When you’re (finally) done with your room, head over to his/her’s (: Have fun dusting!

5. Plan your career aims for the year – together.

Careers are often seen as an individual thing. Couples must understand that when you get together, your lives are inevitably linked in many aspects. To think that your career belongs to you alone is misguided. Make plans together and agree on goals. Help each other understand individual priorities. It’s really all about communication and strengthening your relationship.

6. Create your love hand sign / language.

Remember when you were a kid and you had a secret handshake with Deb from next door? Or a secret fist bump and rhyme with your classmate Cody? Create a secret hand sign/love language/etc. that’s a secret between the two of you. (: trust me, i’ve been there, done that and that’s really really sweet.

7. Serenade your love tonight.

If singing and strumming on the guitar’s your thing, this is so for you. (: pick a nice romantic song and sweep your boo of his/her feet. (: better still, serenade him/her with your song.

8. Write a couple song.

Click here for tips on how to do this! (:

9. Start a feel-good hobby together that you both can enjoy.

The year will present its challenges, one after another, and we all could use an “instant-feel-good” remedy. Find that hobby which serves this purpose perfectly – it could be painting, dancing, jumping trampolines, etc – use your imagination here, get creative and have a jolly good time! :D

Last but not least,

10. (Always) have a good laugh.

Go watch comedies at the cinemas, comical theatrical plays or simply have some crazy fun at your favourite hangout with your boo! :D laugh, laugh harder and laugh some more. Ultimately, laughter will always be one of the most defining reasons how fun a date is. :D


With Jolly Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3