HAHAHA It’s Joker June!

Seen this cutie?


It’s Joker June!

Question posed by one of our little ones in the LoveByte family:

Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact? — Because breasts don’t have eyes!

Haha, we meant no offense! (:

This June, let your hair down and let’s allow our inner joker to surface (if you aren’t already the full-time clown) ! Inject some laughter and fun into your relationship by playing pranks on your loved one or by digging up embarrassing never-to-be-shown-to-the-world childhood photos of your other half and have a good laugh together!

After all, laughter’s really the best medicine to everything – and when I say everything, I mean quarrels and fall outs with your partner as well! Did something wrong? Made a mistake? Quarreled recently? Apologize and make your partner smile and laugh by doing something really funny (and sweet) so she/he would laugh at your silly antics and everything will get better. (:

Cheers to laughter and love,

LoveByte Cupid :3