Improving Couple Communication Using Lovebyte

In most relationships, communication problems was identified to be the reason why couples break up.

Personality mis-match? He/She’s not the one? Is it really because of that, or how we perceive our partners to be. Is there really a right person for us?

We never really know, but we believe that if two people are willing to stay together, they will. And LoveByte is focussed on helping couples stay loving in a relationship.

Do fun things together

Send scratchcards to each other using LoveByte’s cards feature. Keep the relationship going strong as couples can select from a wide range of refreshing date ideas suggested by LoveByte and go out to have fun.

Freeze the moments in time

Add photos and write silly sweet-nothings in the app. Remember all the happy moments by adding them onto LoveByte.

Reminisce together

As the couple sees the same items on the Timeline, both parties may walk through memory lane looking at it. It’s like a mobile memorabilia, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere on LoveByte.


With LoveByte, never face the problem of sending embarrassing messages to other friends again.


Lovebyte Team

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