4 Ideas For Your Next Date

Every date between a couple should be treasured and enjoyed as it is during dates that a couple interacts and create memories together. However, do you ever get bored with the usual routine of watching a movie, dining in restaurants and ending the day with a stroll at the park? Beware! Routines can kill the excitement in a relationship. To inject a little variety to your relationship, LoveByte would like to introduce 5 ideas to consider on your next date. <3

Go on an adventure!

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Who ever said that dates must have couples relaxed and comfortable? Go on an adventure together instead! This can be something mild like ice-skating, or challenging, like backpacking. In either case, sweating through the activity would increase the excitement of the date while helping the couple see a different side of each other. 

Teach each other a skill

The old saying goes that opposites attract and that each of the couple definitely have different skills and interests. Instead of only doing what both of you love in common, try teaching each other a unique skill. Who knows? Your partner may turn out to be better than you. 

Whip up a (edible) meal

Eating out can be a chore when you run out of places in mind to settle your meals. Try cooking a meal together then. Find a recipe that makes both your mouths water, buy ingredients together and woah, both of you are set to cook up a storm. A warning here, follow the recipe carefully and cooperate with each other or it might turn out to be disastrous. 

Start a couple diary

Many of us often live and love the moment and forget all about it when time passed. On your next date, start a couple diary together. Take some time to note down what both of you have done today and how it went. We promise you, few years down the road, looking through the couple diary will bring back fond memories to both of you. 

Piece your memories into a scrapbook

Presents and gifts are so yesterday for special occasions. If you are celebrating your anniversary on the next date, try making a scrapbook together instead. Develop photos and get your art materials ready to make a display piece for your future home.

Of course, ideas do not stop here. You are welcome to share with us your unique dating ideas too!

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Have a great next date! <3

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