How to Create an Account on LoveByte

1. Upon launching LoveByte app, tap on ‘Start’ button
2. If you are new user, you can choose one of three ways to create a new account: using Facebook account, migme account or enter your email/password
3. If you are an existing user, enter your login details (email and password)

Start Login

How to Invite Partner on LoveByte

If your partner has invited your email before, you will automatically be asked to accept your partner’s invitation. You can also choose to ignore the invitation, then send an invitation to another person.

If you are inviting your partner for the first time, enter their email address, password, gender and include a personalized message to send the invitation.

ViewInvite SendInvite

How to Connect on LoveByte?

You will be automatically connected once your partner has completed the below actions:
1. Download LoveByte from
2. Register an account with matching email you entered for ‘Partner’s Email’.

How do I know if we’re connected on LoveByte?





Go to ‘More’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Partner’ and you can see information of your partner’s details. You will see ‘Status: Connected’ or ‘Status: Not Connected’.





When you are connected:




You will receive a notification saying that your partner has joined you on LoveByte, and you can chat with your partner. Try to send messages to each other. If there are problems, login and logout. Otherwise, drop us a note via Feedback (found in ‘More’).



How do I disconnect from my partner LoveByte?

Go to ‘More’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Partner’ and there’s a button to ‘Disconnect’. Do note that information WILL be lost and there is no way to restore the data once it is confirmed. Once that is done, you will be brought to the Partner Invite page to send an invitation to a new partner.
Connected Disconnect


How do I connect with a new partner LoveByte?

If you would like to use LoveByte with a new partner, you must disconnect from the existing partner. Refer to question above. Once that is done, go to ‘Invitation’ and see new invitations.

If you have any more questions, you know where to reach us! Send us a note via Feedback – our loving cupids will attend to your request as soon as we can!

Stay loving with LoveByte,
LoveByte Cupid <3

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