How to create your MiniMe Avatar

LoveByte’s latest app, MiniMe Avatar Maker allows you to create a cartoon version of yourself by customising the various facial parts. Go wild and express yourself in different styles to make them dramatic.

For people who value privacy and feel uncomfortable uploading their real photo as profile pictures. As such, using cartoon images would be perfect in hiding their identity on social networks yet still have an avatar that looks like them. It’s also great for people who do not draw but would love an cartoon avatar of themselves.

Where do I get MiniMe Avatar Maker?

MiniMe is one of the best free avatars on Google Play for Android and iOS Apple Store.

Is it a free avatar maker?

Yes, downloading the app does not cost anything.

How to Create Your Own MiniMe

In a few minutes, you can have a lot of fun creating your own kick-ass alter ego. With MiniMe avatar creation app, you can also make for friends, family, and your favourite celebrities. The customisation options are endless; it all boils down to how creative you want to get!

avatar_migme_login avatar_creation

While the app is free, there are cooler avatars that are locked and can only be unlocked when you press “Sign in with migme”. When you have a created a migme account, you can save your last created avatars so it’s easy to customise them again the next time you re-open the app.avatar_free_creator

Once you are logged in, you can see your last saved avatar, or create new avatars in different looks. You will notice that you have received FREE credits to use in the Store! Hurray for signing in with migme :)

Press at the top right the Store icon, you will find many more avatar items as you scroll through the different categories. You can use the credits to purchase some funny comical accessories, fancy dresses and familiar anime characters. Once you have purchased them, you will see them listed in your avatar customisation page.

avatar_premium_items avatar_unlock
The MiniMe app is very straightforward to use. Customise your avatar at the top half of the display screen and below that are a strip of body part categories to select from. These range from hairstyles, skin colour, shirts, accessories, backgrounds and speech bubbles – there’s a ton of customization available so there’s definitely something that suits your style!


When you are done, tap on the top right icon to save it and you will be brought to the next screen:
Here you have options to save the avatars as a picture to your phone. The top two icons allow you to save your creation as full or half body image.

You can attach an MiniMe image of your friend on your phone book by selecting “Assign to Contacts” so you can see it when they call. If you have existing LoveByte or migme accounts, easily change your profile pictures with the click of the last button.

You can share onto social networks like Facebook and migme (more options coming soon) or you can easily share the image from your phone manually to forward to your friends!

avatar_sharingOnce you’re done you can share it onto social networks with your friends!

Share your creation on social networks

Many boys and girls are showing off their creativity by sharing the hashtag #iloveminime in their post captions online. In fact, you might just find some individuals with an Instagram account just for MiniMe, and would be willing to do shoutouts and customisation requests.




Download MiniMe on your device on Google Play for Android or iOS Apple Store and have fun creating your very own cool avatar now! Use it with friends and be prepared to share a lot of laughter.