How Technology Can Help Your Relationship

Technology can be irritating and hurtful to the relationship when your significant other is de-prioritized due to it. Complains about significant other’s texting during dinner or date night can be a big downer in a relationship, but all technology isn’t bad and it can actually help you improve your relationship and bring you closer.

A study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in 2013 showed that 10 % of people in an relationship said that internet had a major impact on their relationship, and 74 % of them said that it had a positive impact.

Here’s how you can ensure technology has a positive impact on your relationship and will bring you and your loved one even closer. 

Technology helps you stay connected and share things in your everyday life. It is the little things that bring you and your loved one close. Without thinking about it, you build your relationship by small things, such as noting that the weather today is really beautiful, mumbling a wow or laughing over something you are reading in the newspaper, and your loved one simply taking a moment to ask you what it was about or looking out the window and agreeing with you that it is a beautiful day. With technology you can easily share these little events and thoughts of your everyday life and it is great for staying connected in these simple, sometimes very subtle ways. A quick text to share events of the day can make your partner feel included. Even just texting a small smiley face can make your partners day and know that you are thinking about them.

Couples in a relationship often ask about each other day, how it was and what they have planned for the day, and then follows up later to ask how it went. This makes your partner feel that they are cared about and loved. A simple text message to wish your partner good luck before an important presentation or to ask how their day went, ensures that you keep this bond and care for each other, even when not there.

Remembering birthdays and important dates makes you feel loved (even if you might not care about celebrating). With technology it is easy to mark important dates and events. In your LoveByte calendar you can easily create an alarm to ensure that you remember your loved one’s birthday, your anniversary, and other important dates. You can even remind yourself to buy a card or gift ahead of time.

Technology can help you resolve fights.  Not all of us are ready to listen to what our partner has to say, and may not be able to react in a calm way when confronted with a problem. This can be due to previous experiences or simply the fact that we are very emotional people.

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Here a chat can actually help you. To send a note, or a long message to your partner explaining your feelings and emotions could help you get the message through easier and without having to end up in that screaming and crying session. Instead you can write down your thougts and let your partner read it and think about it for a while and let the information sink in, before you start talking. This way all those instant emotions that may not always help you sort it out have already passed and you are ready to discuss the problem and also have a greater understanding of where the other person is coming from.

Writing forces you to think about your message. Whilst you are writing your message, you also have to think about what you are actually saying and sometimes it can actually stop you from saying unnecessary hurtful things because you are upset. You often realize while writing that what you are saying and or feeling might actually be very over exaggurated. Writing forces you to think about your message and this is a good thing, as it forces you to think about all the why’s and how’s and how the message might be perceived and allows you to calm down and sort out all those emotions and thoughts before starting the conversation.

Technology can also be used as an aid to help you express yourself better. Not all of us are great at expressing our emotions and fears out loud, and therefore a text message or a note can actually help us do that as we don’t have to say it out loud and face our partner right away. This approach will gice you courage to do so next time you meet as you have already started the conversation. You are also giving your partner some time to let the information sink in so that once you meet and start talking in person you are already halfway through and have a good start to continue building everything on.

Technology removes obstacles such as time and geographical differences and you can easily share things with each other throughout the day. This creates a sense of being together even when apart which is very important for a relationship to grow stronger. It also enables you to get right to the point once you meet so you can start conversating right away on the events that has been going on during the day instead of having that mandatory small talk. This also helps you understand better if your partner might have had a rough day so you can perhaps prepare something special for them once you meet and be prepared to support and comfort them.

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Seeing your partner through the day keeps your love strong. When looking at people’s desks at work or around their homes you are likely to see pictures and other reminders of their loved ones. These things help them to always feel close and to help them get through those rough days. A study has shown that just by looking at a photo of a loved one can ease physical pain and help patients at a hospital recover faster. Using LoveByte ensures that you have all your photos and sweet love notes easy at hand so you can see your partner and remember all your good times, wherever you are. Using your phone and computer to have photos of your loved ones as screen savers, pictures in your cell phone, and video clips from fun times together are all modern and great ways to stay close.

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