How Falling In Love Can Change You

When you find out that the person you like actually likes you back, falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. When love blossoms, your body produces a flood of feel-good chemicals that make you feel like you are the top of the world.

You see everything positively

It’s a powerful emotion to feel. When you fall in love, everything looks like rainbows and roses. The world becomes a lovely place again and there’s always a reason to smile! That’s the power of love, especially when you didn’t expect that you were able to find love again. Is there anything that is impossible? It’s all about the perspective.


You want to become a better person

When you are in love, your partner seems like the most perfect person in the world and it’s likely that they also see you in the same light. Flaws? What flaws?!

To live up to each other’s standards, you will want to present the best version of yourself and become better for the other person by improving yourself.

You put in 150% more effort in things you do

Suddenly, you have many plans and goals on your To-Do List to spend as much time as possible. You make sacrifices like stay up late to research on the new, coolest places to hang out. While you also sometimes daydream about your future together, you’re already making mental drafts of your desires and shared goals to share with your partner when the time is right. This becomes motivation to give your best and work hard for what’s ahead.

You become more giving and thoughtful

Everything you see reminds you of your love. You want to shower them with them with as much love and attention possible because in your heart, they are most special. “Ohh she likes this chocolate” and you would think of buying it for her. You think about your own needs less and instead consider more about treating your partner right.

You are a happier person

Of course, you don’t need someone to complete you. But the thought of the special someone automatically brings a smile to your face when you recall a sweet moment from last week’s walk on the beach. Sometimes people catch you laughing silly to yourself at the phone and tease you for it.

Stay loving,
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