6 Date Ideas for Fairytale February!

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Recall the stuff we grew up with. It is likely that your first contact with the idea of romantic love is similar to mine – fairytales. Really, as much as they can be all cheesy, pointless, gender biased and stereotypical, who doesn’t love a fairytale? (yes guys, you too) Remember how Aurora got a true love’s kiss from Prince Philip or how Cinderella found love in a Prince Charming? Well, let this month be an enchanting love journey for you and your loved one! Guys, treat your lady like a Princess, and ladies, honor your man like a Prince. Spice up your dates by engaging in “fairytale” activities the whole of this month! (:

6 Date Ideas for Fairytale February

1. Go for a nice long stroll at a park.

Admire the birds and trees, the sights and sounds. Talk to your boo and take this chance to communicate your thoughts and feelings. If no one’s looking or around, give him/her a peck on his/her cheek or forehead. (: Think you both will get hungry? Have a picnic too! (:

2. Have a royal feast

A feast so satisfying, it’s fit for royalty! (: Look out for castle or fairytale-themed diners and bring your princess/prince there. In this time and age, many of us are overly conscious of our weight and deprive ourselves from good food. I say, bring your other half to a big feast and let them know how you love them for them. And seriously, a few pounds wouldn’t hurt as long as you both had fun, it’s definitely worth it. (:

3. Horse Riding

Enjoy an enchanting session of horse riding with your prince charming/princess! If you have never tried horse riding, take the opportunity to try it out. It’ll be fun. (: And in some places, it can get quite expensive so a less expensive but equally exciting activity would be…

4. Elephant Riding

Remember cute Dumbo the elephant? I have rode on elephants before and it was such an exciting and fun experience! (: Head to the local zoo and try it today!

5. Stay home and have a Disney marathon

Watch the Disney princesses movies with your boo. (: Movie nights are always nice, I can vouch for that. Rent these heartwarming movies (if you don’t already own them), cuddle up together in the sheets and enjoy the movie-marathon. You may wanna call your other half prince/princess the whole day. (; it’ll be sweet.

6. Treat your other half like royalty

This should be a given. And if you aren’t doing so yet, give it a try this month! (: And guys, if you’re game, take up my challenge to you. On your dates, grab your chance to exaggerate your role as the ideal prince charming. Hold the door and usher in your lady proudly, taking her by the hand. Sweep her off her feet and place her gently on her chair, gently slip her shoe on for her and say “wow, it’s a perfect fit”. Sounds cheesy? I’m not judging you. Give it a try! Have fun with it and most probably both of you would burst out in laughter. Not embarrassing laughter but sweet laughter. (;

Have a wonderful Fairytale February!

With Love Happily Ever After,

LoveByte Cupid :3