6 Things That Make Your Love Story Unique

There are so many stories about your relationship that makes it just that, yours. 

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

In every relationship there is something special that makes your heart skip a beat. It can be cute imperfections your partner has that you just adore and can’t live without. It can be things you do together that you’ve never been able to done with someone else. The story of how you’ve met is one example of an important part which is yours and no one else’s and gives you two a special bond.

To share all these little things with each other is a great way to create a closer bond as you know how you experienced everything and thought about it when you first started dating. This makes it more special than just sharing the story We met at school or online. Have you thought about all those little things that make your story, truly yours? How did your partner experience the first time you kissed, or the first time you met? These are a few of the stories you need to share with your partner to make them smile and feel loved and to grow a closer bond between the two of you.

1. How you met

How you met can actually be two very different stories! You might think it is very straight forward but that might not be the case all the time… So try it with your partner. Have you heard them tell it or have you told your partner your version of the story? This is a great thing to share with each other by asking each other to write it down and then trade stories and compare. Write down everything you felt and how you experienced it. This will be a great memory for your future as well… Note little things, such as what you wore that day. how they smelled, where were you, how was the weather? All these little things can be so fun and cute to remember and write down for the future.

2. Your First Date

Your First Date is special. Full of tension and excitement. What did you do? Where did you go? What did you both wear? How did it go and what did you feel that first time out? This can all be fun and interesting information to your Love Story and to know about each other. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t love at first sight, in so many cases in life, that is not reality and do not happen. Even in movies, love at first sight is rare!

3. Your First Kiss

How was your first kiss? Awkward, a quick peck or was it a make out session right away? What happened, where was it and how was it? Did you go holy-moly he’s awesoooome or was it more of a disappointment the first time? Be honest and share it. This can make a great and fun story!

4. The quirky things you do

What are all those quirky things your loved one does? These can be cute imperfections, the way they say I Love You or what is it that really makes your heart skip a beat or smile everytime? It can be their accent, the way they smell stuff or the way they put their tongue out when concentrated. We all have something that makes us special so what is it about you that makes your loved one go all crazy, and what is it that makes you go all gooie about them?

5. The first time you met each other’s parents

Meeting each other’s parents can truly be a little bit like the comedy Meet The Parents with Ben Stiller. We shared some advice where we gave you some things to think about before meeting the parents, but how did it actually go? What did your partners parents think about you, you about them, and what did your parents think about your partner? How soon in the relationship was it and where did you go?

6. Hard times

Honestly, all love stories are never just sunshine and happy days, there are rough days too. Which times were the hardest in your relationship so far, and how did you overcome them?

These are an important part of your love story as it shows how important you are to each other as you struggled through those hard times and found your way back to each other. Maybe you did give up in the middle, and a lot of feelings were hurt, but you are still together so you must have done something right, and this is what makes your relationship so special. Many relationships grow stronger after these hard times, so they do define your relationship and are a part of it.

What is your love story?

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Stay loving!
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