Dating advice for guys: How to keep it smooth

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A prelude before we start this blog post proper, this post is specifically written for our male audience out there. However girls, feel free to read and give some useful tips to your partner or male friends out there who need it. :p

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So, LoveByte has some dating advice for our guy friends here. Why is this necessary? After a talk with a friend the other night, we realized that in every guy, no matter whether he appears confident or not, is a Charlie Brown. That is to say, a little boy call Charlie Brown lives in all of our (male, of course) hearts.

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How so? And why Charlie Brown you may ask? Well, Charlie Brown, as you all know, is the main character from the comic strip Peanuts, the owner of the ever popular dog Snoopy. For those unfamiliar with our little friend here, Charlie is known to have this bad case of permanent bad luck. Almost everything he does will fail. However, the one thing Charlie never fails to do is to pick himself up and persevere on.

So what makes a guy a Charlie Brown? One word, insecurity. Insecurities never fail to destroy whatever confidence and swag a guy might have before a big event. And believe it or not, girls are one of the biggest feat a guy would need to overcome in his life. Just like girls, guys too get clammy and white-faced before the biggest date in his life and if it goes badly, everything inside him crumbles as well.

Therefore guys, LoveByte is here to save and these are the top 10 dating advice to keep your date smooth. (These are useful for guys at different stages of their dating career too!)

#1 Look good, look your best

Who says only guys are superficial creatures? In actual fact, everyone is superficial to a certain extend. Of course, we’re not talking about designer’s clothing from head to toes. But to make sure you get the full attention from your date that evening, don’t give her any reason for her eyes to wander off you.

We understand it’s pretty impossible to look as if you’re cut out from a female magazine, and all things start from scratch. So we’re talking about looking fresh (preferably out of a shower), well groomed (haircut, shaved, nails and teeth taken care of), well dressed (neat and clean) and smelling good (a dash of cologne). You following?

#2 Manners

It may seem like a “duh” to you but to some, manners are apparently not innate. However comfortable you are (already) with your date, keep those wild moments in private please. Unbeknownst to you, your date might feel rather uncomfortable at the expense of your lack of sensitivity. So do practice chivalry and treat your girl like a princess whenever you’re out in public with her.

#3 Stay within your comfort zone

Even the most experienced player in the game will tell you to stick to your comfort zone. Only when adrenaline kicks in, once in a while, should you do something you’re not comfortable with. This is because, when you’re uncomfortable, your body language and facial expression screams it and your date WILL know, and in turn feel equally uncomfortable. So take the liberty to plan out your dates carefully, sticking to both you and date’s comfort zones.

#4 Plan, not rehearse

Following up with the previous point, its always wise to plan your date and not leave it to circumstances. Some things are uncontrollable, yes we agree. But there are a lot of things that you can control. Like making sure you bring enough money or cards out (find out beforehand the prices of tickets and stuffs), knowing the routes to the places you are going (you don’t want to be lost, not with a date observing you at your side), having a wet weather plan (now you can’t say “I can’t control the weather” because that’s no excuse for a bad date) and even planning (not rehearse, because it WILL sound scripted and fake when you do)  what kind of conversation that can likely take place at the place that you have planned to bring her. A girl will definitely like to see herself being taken care of, and not have to worry about where to go or what to do next.

#5 Get 2nd Opinion

This is where your friends come in. Go on and ask them about their opinions on what you had planned for a date. That should give you more insights of what to look out for. However, we are assuming you’re not asking friends who are known douche bags. You would know who to ask.

#6 Give her your attention

Nothing ruins a date like an uninterested party. If you are interested in your date, frequent checks on your watch or your mobile phones or the restaurant door, as minimal as you thought your glances were, should not be happening. Your date will be able to tell you’re distracted and will assume you’re not interested in her. As much as you are already comfortable with her, it’s only gentlemanly to give your date your full attention when you are out with her.

#7 Listen rather than give solutions

Girls, unlike guys, didn’t offer their problems so that they can be solved. They just needed to get it out of their chest. Unless specifically requested, “Can you help me fix this?” This rule applies to all conversation.

#8 Don’t play games

You don’t want to turn out to be one of those guys that girls spend their lives running away from. Other than despicable reasons, LoveByte couldn’t think of any reasons why a guy would want to mess with a girl’s feelings. Don’t play games. Make your intentions known early (of course we’re not telling you to scare her off on day 1). For example, if you’re texting or flirting with her all the time, she’s will think you want a relationship. If you don’t want a relationship, then don’t mislead her. Make sure she knows what she’s in for.

#9 Get involved with her life

Instead of wanting to spend time alone with her all the time, get to know her family and friends. It’ll give you insights on how she lives her life, her priorities and understand her as a person more. It also gives her family and friends to have a chance to like you and give you bonus points for being dedicated and sweet. Win-win eh?

#10 Keep negativity (including exes) out of conversations

Just as guys couldn’t understand how that adorable ball of fluff can turn into a monster due to this strange thing called menstrual cycle, girls wouldn’t want to date a grouch either. Also, your date wants to hear about your exes as much as you want to hear about hers. This is definitely mutual. So keep that chin up and show her how glad you are to see her every time you see her. (: Smile away my friends!

Oh and who says the Charlie Brown in you is always bad? If you don’t already know, Charlie is also known to be a cheerful optimist who never lets his failures dim his smile. So keep that Charlie Brown in you we’ll say!

All the best to all guys dating out there. Ladies, stay tuned to our blog for dating advice just for the girls on our next blog post. Stay with LoveByte and Stay Loving!

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