Creative And Fun Ways to Give a Gift

It is the thought and effort behind the gift that is important, so why not emphasize on this next time you are giving your loved one something? The presentation can many times be even more important than the gift itself!  

This mean that cou can make your loved ones heart skip a beat even on a budget and by making an effort to surprise them. So if you have bought your partner flowers and a chocolate box several times already, how can you mixx it up a bit the next time you want to show them you care, but without having to spend a lot of money?

Here’s a few ways where the presentation is on the emphasis! The gift itself can be anything, a flower boquet, chocolate box or homemade sweets. However, with these tips this gift can become the best present your loved one has ever received! All it requires is some time, creativity and inspiration to execute.


Decorate your loved one’s door so that when he or she comes home, they’ll immediately get a surprise walking up to the door. You can gift wrap it, hang heart shaped balloons or fill it with love notes. If you can’t be inside waiting, leave the gift outside, just make sure it’s not an expensive one so the neighbours will steal it! Leave their favorite sweets, flowers or just a handwritten love letter.

If you want to surprise them by doing a chore, why not surprise your loved one by cleaning the entire house spotless. Gift wrap the door and leave a note saying “Welcome to your New home” as a little hint of what’s expecting inside. Buy or make some special sweets or their favorite food for your loved one to find on the table or in the fridge with the next note saying: No chores to do darling, take the night off and relax. You deserve it!  This is guaranteed to make your loved one feel loved and blessed, and the best thing, it doesn’t cost a dime!


How you wrap the gift can make all the difference. The thought and effort of the wrapping gives the gift an extra touch and makes it more special. You can wrap anything, even a chocolate bar you bought for a few dollars at the supermarket, as long as it is done nicely and with care it will mark the effort and care behind it and also keep your loved one in suspense of what’s inside.

You can buy wrapping papper and accessories to get that luxurious feeling of the gift and buy doing this you can easily get a gift wrapped that represents thought and care as you’ve taken the time to choose paper, wrap it in a nice bow and add other accessories to it.

If you don’t have the time or possibility to do this, just take what you have at home, such as a page from the local newspaper. This requires however more skills on the wrapping part as you still want it to look good and not cheap since it is wrapped in newspaper. Try and choose a page from the paper that only has written text on it to give it  a sleeker less deorganized look. Maybe the page from the comics section can add some colour to the package? Be selective of the page you choose to wrap your present in so it doesn’t have any sad news or wierd photos on it. When you have wrapped it add a piece of string to wrap around the package, and place a small handwritten note on a piece of white papper underneath. Let the note say  Made with love or just a simple I Love You to mark that it is the thought behind it that matters. If you can, add some flowers or leafes you picked outside to glue or attach on the gift, as it shows that little extra care you took to wrap it and make it presentable.


Transform a room to a romantic setting by filling it with balloons, flowers or candles! This setting is perfect even for the smallest gift as the effort of transforming the room and the surprise your loved one gets when entering is enough for them to feel loved and appreciated. 

A tip: Add in some of your favorite photos or write love notes on a piece of paper to hang from the balloons to make it even more special. You can also place the notes or photos in between the candles or flowers just as you can do with your gift, just make sure not to place them to close to the candles so they will catch fire as this is guaranteed to destroy the surprise!

Good luck and Have Fun!

Stay loving!
LoveByte Cupid <3

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