6 Reasons Why Couples Should Travel Together

Instead of cracking your head on what to buy when giving a gift, consider saving the money to fund a vacation. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can stick to budget travel destinations for a short getaway.

Travelling as a couple surely sounds exciting and fun. We won’t paint you a rosy picture of a perfect holiday, but there might be frustrating situations too. (don’t say we didn’t warn you!) Overall, the good still outweighs the bad and it’s a great opportunity to put your relationship to the test as you understand each other on a deeper level and increase intimacy.

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1. Split the responsibilities and compromise

Planning and preparation before the trip and crafting the itinerary will require some give-and-take. With limited time for the holiday, both parties may have different places they want to see. One may be seeking an adventure, while another just prefers to chill at the beach. You often will each have to give up a few things to settle on a compromise.

There might be travel documents or items that need to be prepared beforehand. It’s a good idea to divide the tasks to get things done in a quicker manner.

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2. Create a shared memory

A ‘couply’ thing to do is to lock your love at one of these love locks around the world that’s bound to be a unforgettable experience. Nothing is more romantic than showing your infinite love and commitment to your partner to reassure them they are your only one.

But any destination can be a “romantic holiday destination”. Whether it’s sipping coffee at a quaint cafe in town, sitting on a beach watching the sunset, the only thing that matters is who you’re sharing the moment with. These will make great stories as you look back and relive these memories together later.

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3. Experience the world together

You can read about the history of the world all you like, but to truly understand it, you have to travel to the places history has touched. Travelling is a form of learning and also one of the most rewarding experiences. To make sure that these never get forgotten, take many pictures and upload them into your LoveByte album that you’ll share and cherish – one for each holiday!

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4. Discover their habits

After spending several nights and days together outside home, it’s likely that you’re bound to witness some of their traits that are ‘not that great’. Maybe they are crankiest in the morning, or become very irritable after a long, tiring walk. It may be stressful.

Perhaps you’ll be privy to all those things the other person may have tried (maybe successfully) to hide from you before: she doesn’t look quite the same without her makeup on, or maybe he releases gas throughout the night. You will need to figure out how you deal with them.

5. Reignite the spark with something new

It’s all about taking time off the mundane routine and reconnecting with each other. Ideally without distraction – chuck away the mobile phones. On a holiday you get to try new activities that you usually don’t do, eg. ride a hot air balloon or diving into the deep ocean.

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6. See if you’re compatible

See how street smart your partner is and how they would react to situations impromptu and under pressure. Or how considerate your partner is about your feelings, or only think for themselves. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. It could be tiny actions like helping to carry a bag after a long day, or cracking a joke to a situation.

After the entire trip, the experience should be a fulfilling and meaningful activity. Share your thoughts about the holiday with each other and see if you’ll be ready to take your relationship to the next level.

We think that a couple that travels together, stays together. Don’t you agree?

Stay loving! LoveByte Cupid <3

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