Chick flicks we love & lessons we learnt

Chick flick: a film genre mainly dealing with love and romance designed to appeal to a largely female target audience.

Boyfriends usually dread being pulled to the theaters for chick flicks such as the last installment of Twilight and Sex and the City. They would rather re-watch Transformers or The Hangover gladly for the third time. Granted, there are some chick flicks that have dialogues so cheesy, plot lines so predictable that we either get goosebumps or bored during the show.

Fortunately, the film making industry isn’t all that bad and we get quite a few good movies from time to time. Some chick flicks do offer us stories with decent depth and interesting characters who more often than not, present us with truths and insights to our own relationships, reminding us of the mistakes we make daily but unknowingly, and inspiring us to love more deeply.

Here’s a list of the most memorable lessons learnt:

He’s Just Not That Into You

Gigi: Remember the girl who analyses every word and action a guy says or does and assumes that he likes her? Let’s face it, she’s the kind of girl that nobody wants to be but we all have moments when we behaved like her. Wondering if he called and maybe he didn’t because something happened.

Lesson learnt:

  • Take it easy. Focus on other things in your life. If a guy wants to date you, he will make it happen. He will ask you out. Don’t even make excuses for “he’s too afraid to ask me out”, because if he’s really too afraid, chances are, he’s not ready.

Ruby Sparks

Calvin: This is a thought provoking story about an extremely talented writer who wrote the girl of his dreams to life. Whenever Calvin did not like the way the relationship or Ruby was, he would simply write how he wanted her to be and she would change immediately. However, each time there would be a drawback and eventually, he realised how wrong it all was.

Lessons learnt:

    • It’s unnatural to be able to change and alter your partner into the ideal person that you want. It was selfish for Calvin to expect and want her to change without doing his part for the relationship. Does this sound like some of us? Maybe we don’t even realise when we try to change our partners.
    • Calvin could not accept Ruby’s needs to have a social life outside of their relationship and wanted her attention all focused on him. Are we doing that in our own relationships? Do we give each other enough space?
  • To be fair, Calvin made mistakes that people commonly do in relationships, however, because he owned her, he could change the way he wanted her to be with his words, the exaggerated results becomes quite shocking for the viewers.

The Holiday

Amanda & Iris: Both women went on a vacation to get away from their relationship troubles back home and fell in love with a guy they meet there.

Lessons learnt:

    • Walk away from the people who aren’t good for you. Before they could meet the right people, Amanda and Iris had to leave the men who were hurting them.
  • Love happens when you least expect it. :) As cliche as it may sound, it’s true. And when it comes, have the courage to take the leap of faith and receive it.

Going the Distance

This is a story about a couple living in opposite ends of the country. To keep their relationship alive, they travel back and forth to visit each other while trying to find ways to live in the same city. During which, Garett gives up the relationship because he does not want Erin to turn away an excellent job offer just to move to New York for him.

Lessons learnt:

    • This movies demonstrates quite accurately the problems with long distance relationships- the lack of physical intimacy, insecurity, wondering if your partner is cheating on you, getting frustrated and questioning where the relationship is going.
    • Chances are, if you are in a long distance relationship, both of you are in for the longhaul. Both parties will want to live together someday. There are no clear solutions for ldr but I believe it helps when both parties have a common goal (living together, getting married etc) and they take active steps to make it happen ie. look for a job, pick up the local language
  • Meanwhile, learn to live independently while keeping in close contact. Make time for each other- Skype regularly, use the LoveByte app to chat; send each sweet messages and look at the shared timeline of beautiful memories. Look at how far you have both come and remember all the good times you have had. This might not solve all your relationship problems but I guarantee it will make the waiting process less painful.

Stay lovin’

LoveByte Cupid <3