Chic guide to dating for Girls: The Girl Code


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Let’s face it. We all want to be Audrey Hepburn, the icon for fashion and “Chic-ness” when it comes to the dating game. We all want to be perceived by men as effortlessly sexy and elegant at the same time. And yet, we don’t want to appear like we are trying too hard. So how do we do it?

LoveByte’s solution to this problem is a “Chic guide to dating for girls: The Girl Code.”

But first, what does “Chic” mean?
“Chic” is a French word which came from the German word, “Schick”. A chic woman is someone who exudes style and sophistication in all things she do. In fact, she is a personification of style and sophistication.

The Girl code:

#1 “Chic-ness” comes from within.

To start it off, being chic comes from the core of us. To look good, one must feel good and be comfortable in one’s own skin. And the only way to do that is to take extremely good care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. There is a reason for the invention of the healthy eating plate and pyramid. If you have not heard of them, it’s seriously high time to take a look.

On top of that, regular exercises will also help to boost metabolism rates and balance our state of mind. Taking good care of yourself and in turn, portraying that you are well maintained is definitely très chic.

#2 Rock that look.

The second step to being chic is to package ourselves, which means grooming, make up and wardrobe. Chic women are usually well groomed and they wear their make-up and clothes appropriately.

Grooming procedures are generally broken down into several categories, namely skin care, hands and nails, hair care and eyebrows, surplus hair (such as facial hair, hair on legs, arms, armpits) oral hygiene and odor  The key to being adequately groomed is consistency. A chic woman takes care of her health and appearance habitually and thus also representing a well maintained outlook.

Make-up for chic women are usually kept to a minimal, achieving this natural, no –make-up look that will leave people wondering how perfect her skin is. Even for formal events, the tone of the make-up should point towards natural, earthy tone and if there is a focus, it should only be on one particular feature. For example, if you wish to focus your make-up look on the lips, choose a lip color that is outstanding, maybe red, and leave the rest of the features on your face in natural tones.

As for clothing, we believe that each and every one of you has your own preferences and as long as it passes the 3 color rule, it’ll be good enough. However, a chic woman will definitely have something really important in her wardrobe, a little black dress.

#3 Be assertive.

A chic woman definitely knows what she wants and makes an active attempt to get it. We are talking about being independent and decisive with our choices and now what we want. It gathers respect from people around you and a man will definitely be impressed with lady who can make up her mind and know what she wants. However, even though it’s pretty obvious, being assertive is a far cry from being unreasonable. Nobody fancies an unreasonably stubborn mule as a partner.

#4 Rule the conversation.

Knowing what to say and turning the conversation to your advantage makes a woman extremely attractive. For this to be possible homework has to be done and prior knowledge to your partner’s hobbies and preference would really be beneficial. A man can never resist a woman with knowledge and will be wrapped around your finger in a second if you know and are interested in the same hobby.

#5 Initiate when necessary.

As cliché as it sounds, it is the 21st century and there really is nothing wrong with taking initiatives. Of course you can’t take charge and leave you partner trailing behind all the time. Your partner will definitely be glad to just sit-back and enjoy once in a while, while you exercise your creativity regarding dates or any other plans. As with #3, taking charge when necessary will make you look more chic and independent, and men will definitely be more appreciative and respective of your choices.

#6 Don’t be needy and over-dramatic.

This is an absolute no-no for all women out there and something that needs to be highlighted. Being clingy and dramatic is anti-chic and a one-way ticket to single-hood  Of course, some men like their women to be more damsel-like but damsel in distress only works when it’s applied at the right circumstances. Pulling the same tricks all the time will definitely backfire and drive your men away. Therefore, sometimes it is better to appear more confident and cool when things aren’t going your way. Men will also treat you with more respect and interest when you can keep a cool head and attitude, because that will make you look different as compared to the typical women they have in mind.

#7 Public Display of Affection – Do it right!

Do hold hands and give hugs in public. No matter what they say, all men like a little attention especially in front of an audience. Simple and random acts of hands holding and hugs can make a difference to a regular date when it’s carried out at the right time. Why not surprise him with a back hug once in a while when you’re on an escalator or elevator? He’ll definitely be remembering your touch for the whole night!

#8 Master the Push-Pull tactic.

This, my friends, is the ultimate trump that men hold. You need to understand their strategy before developing your own. The Push-Pull tactic is tactic that a person (survey has shown that they are mostly men) employ when the other party already has attraction for them and they are accelerating it and upping their game, making it sure that the “catch” is secured.

Push is when you distant yourself away from your partner deliberately, be it emotionally or even physically, and Pull is the opposite, doing everything affectionately for your partner. By employing the different Push-Pull tactic at appropriate times, one can be sure that their partners will be falling head over heels for them without understanding the situation. However, we are not suggesting you to play such mind games, because it can backfire quite horribly if not done properly or worse, discovered. Yet, we do not want women to continuously fall for this tactic employed by experienced players so do watch out and master the Push-Pull tactic that men typically employ on their targeted “catch”, which may be you.

So girls, whether or not you are in a relationship, LoveByte hopes these dating tips will help you in your dating career and get the man of your dreams.

Remember to stay tune to us for more interesting posts. Stay Loving!

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