Couple Surprise Birthday Celebration

We interview Chhoungheng and Panchakpor, our LoveByte couple who surprised each other on their birthdays. As we got to uncover their sweet moments, we find out how they manage to keep their relationship healthy and successful.

Nearypanchakpor’s birthday
Chhoungheng gave me the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had on my 18th birthday last year.
Since no one celebrated or surprised me on my previous birthdays, it was unexpected and especially touching for me. We went for simple movie date. He asked me where I wanted to go after the movie… I answered, “I do not know.” Then he replied, “let’s go home.”

It felt weird because he would always want to spend time together with me. Turns out he did not go home, but drove me around the city like 15 minutes and we arrived at a café. When I walked in, I saw some schoolmates and I truly thought it was a coincidence, forgetting that it was my birthday. We enjoyed ourselves chatting and laughing, until a staff brought us a birthday cake with Eiffel Tower design on it, that I realised it was a celebration for me. I love it that he picked it knowing that Paris is my dream travel destination and I really want to go there with my love one someday.

Chhoungheng’s birthday:
She prepared an awesome birthday celebration for me at a cafe. I saw her sitting at the corner when I reached. Shortly after, she requested to change the table to be seated inside. She walked behind me and then she placed her hands over my eyes and walked me to a room.  When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see there were many candles lighted to form an infinity symbol and rose petals scattered on the table surrounding the celebration cake. The present was wrapped in a box with Paris design on it, and inside was our first couple T-shirt. It was really romantic and I really appreciate her effort to prepare this special birthday for me.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?
The rules of L-O-V-E:
Listen to each other
Oblige each other
Value each other
Excuse each other

In life, challenges are inevitable and no one is perfect. The difference is how we choose to overcome and solve them. We should always acknowledge and admit our mistake, let go of the ego to say “I’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness. Learn from the lesson and not repeat it again.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

LoveByte helps us a lot to remember all our wonderful memories. We make it a habit to upload our photos. We can also write down the note about the things we have done together; it can be a surprise note or something in our heart that we want to say on special dates and during our anniversary.

Using Lists, we always look forward to be together because we have many many things to do and achieve in our To-Do list, Wish list, and Challenge list.

Sometimes when we get mad at each other, we know we’ll scroll to Our Story on LoveByte. We have plenty of memories of us there, so it melts our hearts and all the negative feelings.

How did you know he was “the one”?
As cliche as it sounds, but it is love at first sight! Our love is still young but he has done many things for me. We are learning about love together. Because of some misunderstanding, we were apart for 1 year, but we got back as a couple again after graduating from high school as we still had feelings for each other. To me, he is close to perfect and I’m blessed to be loved for who I am. He is always right by my side on bad days, to tolerate my imperfections (hot tempered and stubborn).

Since he is a medical student, he takes care of me more than anyone else, and tells me a lot about how to be healthy as my health is weak. His deep concern for me makes me feel like a princess. He’s won my heart entirely!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

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