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What is White Day?

Did you think that there’s only just one day in a year to celebrate our love – Valentine’s Day?

Celebrated on 14 March, one month after Valentine’s Day, we also have White Day! It is originated from Japan, as a tradition where guys have to send chocolates back to the women who has sent them a gift on V-Day.

Read more about this festival in our infographic below!


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Nov 11 – Pepero Day

How did Pepero Day start?

Started in South Korea, Pepero Day is probably the second hugest event for couples after Valentine’s Day. Pepero Day is named after the popular Korean snack Pepero and is held on November 11 annually, because the date “11/11” resembles five sticks of Pepero. Many young people and couples celebrate Pepero Day by gifting each other Pepero, chocolates, candies and other romantic gifts. Isn’t it no surprise that Lotte makes almost 50% of their Pepero business in November, thanks to this holiday!?

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In Japan, it’s known as Pocky Day. (Ironically, it’s “Singles Day” in China.) If you intend to get some to give to your special ones, it might be wiser to get them early… in case it’s sold out!

If you intend to make your own DIY sticks, here’s a tutorial!

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All You Need to Know About White Day!

For the love month of February, we shared a bit on how couples around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day and some last-minute gifts to get for your loved one.

Now that the Valentine’s Day hype is over, we’ve can look forward to White Day, which is exactly one month after Valentine’s Day.  Don’t know what White Day is all about? Let LoveByte share some facts with you!

White Day, which falls on the 14th of March, originated in Japan, is celebrated by most in Japan and South Korea, and some in China and Taiwan.

Signifying an “answer day” for Valentine’s Day, White Day is a day which the confessee (typically guys) gives the confessor (typically girls) their reply. If he likes her, he will then reply her with a gift on White Day.

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However, White Day is celebrated a little differently in China. Rather than girls confessing to guys they like on Valentine’s Day and guys replying on White Day, there is a switch in the gender roles whereby guys will confess on Valentines’ Day and girls reply them on White Day instead.

In essence, whichever ways different cultures practice, White Day is a day which all prayers are answered and newly completed hearts beat as one. So, are you ready to celebrate White Day with LoveByte?

Below are 5 easy steps to take if you are new to this!

#1 List the people who gave you something for Valentine’s Day.

Separate them into 2 groups, the “obligatory” givers and “true love” givers. (“obligatory” givers are people who give gifts to all friends and acquiantances while “true love” givers give gifts with meanings – they have romantic feelings for you)

#2 Know the different replies that you can give.

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White Chocolate = Let’s be friends
Chocolate Candy = I like you
Chocolate Cookies = I love you

#3 Return favors for obligatory givers first. (with similar items)

Yeah… for a second or so, you might have thought you were special enough to receive a gift.

#4 Decide what to reply the “true love”givers with.

If you reciprocate their feelings, you can return them with a gift of chocolates as mentioned in #2, or something of a higher value and meaning.

#5 Breathe in… breathe out.

Finally presenting them with the gift… together with an invitation for a hot date!

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Make this White Day something fun and enjoyable for you and your partner!  Check out the latest scratchcards for March. LoveByte hopes this adds refreshment to your love life and feel free to share with us your White Day adventures on our Facebook page.

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8 Unique Ways Couples Around the World Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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To most of us, Valentines’ Day is a day filled with love, affection, flowers, chocolates, candle-lit dinner and a romantic walk down the beach. However, do you know that there are many different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day across different cultures around the world? Lovebyte will show you 8 unique ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day in 8 different countries!

#1 China

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Do you know that the Chinese celebrates Valentine’s Day on a different day? The Chinese Valentine’s Day occur on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar. This is because of the love story that happened between the 7th daughter of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherd. Due to the objection of the Emperor, the love birds were banished to different stars and only allowed to meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month. Therefore, on that day, both couples and singles will make their way to the temple of the Matchmaker, pray for longevity in their relationship and wish for love in their lives.


#2 Denmark

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People in Denmark have a really special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. They would exchange love notes (called gaekkebrevs) that are meant to be humorous and these notes would be signed in a coded dot signature. Those who can guess the identity of the sender would win a chocolate egg on Easter Day as a prize!


#3 Germany

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes Valentine’s Day gifts include cute little piglets? This is actually a tradition from Germany! These little pigs symbolize luck and also lust. Ladies, now you know why little pigs were given as Valentine’s day gifts! :p


#4 Italy

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In Turin, Valentine’s Day is a popular day for engaged couples to announce their engagement to friends and families and to receive blessings in return! However, Verona, the City of Romeo and Juliet takes Valentine’s Day celebration up a few notches with four days of events. There are free concerts in Piazza dei Signori and the streets are decorated with heart-shaped lanterns. It is indeed a very beautiful place to be on Valentine’s Day.


#5 Japan

Valentine’s Day is said to be one of the most celebrated occasion in Japan. Typically, women of all ages would present chocolate gifts (usually home made) to men as an expression of love or interest. And on White Day, one month later 14th March, boys and men would return the favour to reciprocate their love or interest. Not only practised in Japan, countries such as Korea and Taiwan celebrate Valentine’s Day with the tradition of White Day as well.


#6 Norway

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According to traditions, the sight of birds mating is a sure sign of love. So on Valentine’s Day, Norwegians tend to look for these symbolic birds. And if such a sight is witnessed, it means a great deal to couples! Now there isn’t a reason for us to shy away from the sight of animals mating anymore. It’s good luck!


#7 Scotland

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Valentine’s Day in Scotland involves a major party. The main aim of this party is simply for singles to meet new people. The rules of the party is for everyone to write their own name on a piece of paper and put it into a hat which has their gender labeled. Everyone will then draw a name from the other hat. If 2 people draw each others names, it symbolizes strong partnership and great potential. Everyone will then have a partner to enjoy themselves with at the party.


#8 Thailand

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Valentine’s Day is also a popular day for engaged couples to hold their wedding ceremonies. In Thailand, however, wedding ceremonies are far more exciting! For the past 13 years, scores of PADI qualified couples have been descending deep into Thailand’s big blue every Valentine’s Day. Their mission is to say “I do” using divers’ sign language. Now, anybody needs any wedding ideas?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day lovebirds <3

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