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LoveByte 14 Day Challenge

love challengeWhat’s the secret to a loving relationship?

There is no secret. It’s effort :) It might be helping out your partner with an errand, writing a love note to let them know they are loved, or doing a simple activity together. At LoveByte, it’s about keeping the romance alive and showing appreciation for each other.

We’re inviting couples to embark on our 14 day challenge (yes, let’s start with 14..). Do it for yourself and feel for yourself how your relationship has improved by the end of the fortnight.

Here’s how it works: The both of you can start the challenge anytime. For the next 14 days, check off an item from the suggested list of things to do every day. You don’t have to do them in order; simply choose to do what fits your schedule, as long as you complete one each day! It’s OK to skip a day, but remember to make up for it!

  1. Share a sweet memory from childhood.
  2. Dedicate a meaningful song for each other.
  3. Share an ice cream.
  4. Plant 15 kisses on different parts of each other’s body.
  5. Experiment a new recipe together.
  6. Give each other a compliment and mean it.
  7. Snap a picture of yourself with a pose your partner picks!
  8. Go for an exercise together. eg. yoga, running
  9. Add 3 things to your shared To-Do List on LoveByte.
  10. Turn on some music and slow dance.
  11. Spend a fruitful day at the animal shelter.
  12. Have a picnic in your own living room.
  13. Try on new clothing styles and model for each other at the mall.
  14. Write a letter to each other to open only 1 year later!

Feel free to print the below and paste it somewhere visible. Keep track of the progress by using the hashtag #lovebyte14daysand share it with us on Instagram! Get started now!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

26 Effective & Creative Ways to Communicate with Your Significant Other

This article was originally published on LifeHack.

Love is all about communication. Whether you have been together for days, months or decades, your significant other is someone to whom you express all your warm fuzzy affection and who you can be as mushy with as you’d like. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to remind that certain someone how much they are loved. Instead of the usual texting of “I love you”, add variety to your daily communication and try one of these creative ways to express yourself.

1. Write it on steamed mirrors


It’s early morning and you’re taking turns to shower before running off to work. Knowing they’re next in line, surprise them with a message and it’d be a wonderful way to start their day!

2. Write on a banana


When you pack them lunch, add on a banana as a healthy mid-day snack that’s high in potassium. It’s a thoughtful gesture and they will be smiling and laughing at how silly you are if you use a marker to write directly on the peel.

If you prefer to be sneaky, use your banana as a secret message! When you use a toothpick to scratch a message on the banana peel, it does not appear visible until an hour later.

3. Place notes on the fridge


There will be no excuse for not reading your message (Everybody walks to the fridge, right?) Use alphabet magnets to craft your message so you can reuse and rearrange them from time to time to add fun into your daily lives. If you do not have those, post-its will work just as well.

4. Use a Pillow Talk


Maybe you are in a long-distance relationship, or you don’t Iive together just yet. Launching soon, Pillow Talk is a wearable product that lets you send your heartbeat to your loved one, and by putting the speaker in the pillow you are able to hear theirs too – therefore providing the illusion of closeness no matter where you may be.

5. Dedicate them a song

Very old-school but nevertheless always a romantic thing to do. Is there a song that describes your relationship well? Dedicate that song with a heartfelt message on the radio and telling them when to listen. Make sure you know their schedule at that time so they don’t miss the perfect timing!

6. Start a love diary

Make it a project to take turns to fill it up with pictures of the most memorable moments, write short letters for each other, share secrets so you have nothing to hide, create love lists of about you like about them and share everything that is on your mind. You can also keep a box of memorabilia of things that are special in your relationship, such as movie ticket stubs

7. Install LoveByte – an app for couples

If writing in a physical diary is too troublesome, let technology make things easier for you. Search for couple apps and share with your significant other in a private space that you can call your own. It’s like a shared treasure chest of all your memories so revisiting the best times of your relationship is accessible and instantaneous.

8. Read together Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages” book

Find out what makes each other tick and how we express and receive love in different forms. It’s one of the best ways to build understanding between the two of you.

9. Invent your own secret code


Come up with some signs that only the two of you understand so you can slip it in your conversations without anyone knowing! Like in 50 Shades of Grey, there’s “red” and “yellow”. You can make it as sexy or ridiculous as you want, as long as you are having fun.

10. Buy a pair of tickets to their favourite show/concert


Is their favourite band coming to town? You know they want to see it but can’t bear to pay for the expensive tickets? Pamper them by getting them a ticket. If you can, accompany them to watch it (even if you don’t really want to!) to let them know you take interest in what they like and enjoy. Sometimes love is best communicated by your actions, not your words.

11. Make your own scratchcards

Don’t worry about not having handcrafting skills. There are tutorials to follow to make your own scratchcards where you can write in your own message, cover it up with paint and let the recipient scratch to unveil the message. Try typing in Google keywords like “DIY scratchcards” and you’re good to go. All you need are some cards, dish soap, silver acrylic paint, clear tape and a small container.

12. Make a heart-shaped meal


Prepare their favourite meal and display it a heart shape. (Whether or not the food tastes great, that’s a separate story!) You can prepare almost any food shaped into a heart: cut out toast, pizza, cookies; as long as you have a heart-shaped cutter. You can even use them on your fruits.

13. Slip a surprise note into their bag

love post it note

Write a sweet message on a post-it note. It can be something as simple as “Have a great day!” or an appreciation note to thank them of their presence in your life. Place more notes in random places where they will find it – in their dresser, fridge, in their car, bathroom mirror. It’d be something they come across later and you will keep them wondering when you managed to sneak it in without them knowing.

14. Embark on a ’30 Day Relationship Challenge’ together

Is it true that it takes 21 days to form a habit? Spice up your everyday interaction by committing to doing an activity daily together. It can be as simple as doing house chores together, giving each other a massage, or looking at old pictures. To make the challenge even more meaningful, brainstorm together to make your own list or search the net for some ideas.

15. Scavenger Hunt


On some coloured paper place clues and hints, and hide them all around the house. Ask your partner to solve the questions. You can ask some questions to remind them of special days in the relationship (e.g. when you had your first date). Get them thinking about the good times and how you both felt in the beginning.

16. Couple Quiz


Pick up a book of questions and fire them at each other. You can choose any topic or keep it to relationship questions. You will learn from the answers and discover each other’s preferences, attitudes, perspectives and desires – some of which you may not even have known about yourself! This is a fun way to get to know each other and bring you closer as a couple.

17. Make them a wallet card


Write a heartwarming message that is loving and motivational to your partner so they can always see it whenever they open their wallet. It is something they carry along with them all the time so it serves as a great reminder.

18. Surprise them with flowers

Perhaps your partner has been getting stressed at work, or you know they are going through a tough week. Have a lovely bouquet delivered to their workplace – even though there’s no special occasion or celebration – when they are least expecting it. Just because you want to see a smile on their face (Aww!) Plus it’s cheaper than getting them on peak periods like Valentine’s Day. Be sure to add a personal, encouraging message to add a special touch!

19. Make short videos


In case you were thinking dirty… No, that’s not what we meant. Make recordings of simple daily happenings, or talk about something you recall. Over time you will have built a record you can fondly look back at together and see how much you’ve both grown.

20. Quiet places for heart-to-heart talk

Visit new, quiet places where you can be away from the crowd and just sit down, hold hands and have a good heart-to-heart talk. Sit on a park bench or lie down to watch the night sky. Make it a point to travel even if it’s a little out of the way. Soaking together in a bathtub is considered a pretty unconventional place for a good, relaxing chat.

21. Make love vows

Spend a good evening and write down some promises of love to each other. Hang it up on the wall and be constantly reminded of the commitment you’ve promised each other – put down on pen and paper.

22. Make a bookmark


If your significant other is a bookworm, it would be nice to print out nice images and paste a love quote on top of it. Get it laminated and put it in to a book they are reading.

23. Mail them a handwritten letter


Because nobody takes the time to write to each other any more. The love letter is a classic way to show them how you feel. Express your gratitude and thank them for the little things they do for you. It’s something that they can keep for a long time and they will always feel good reading it again and again. Sit down and take the time to put in your best effort to write something down on pen and paper.

24. Lipstick on the mirror


Use lipstick to write a romantic message on the mirror. It’s a cheeky way to leave a short message (If you are worried about the stain, liquid dish soap and hot water will do the trick!)

25. Get your dog to fetch it

If you are lucky enough to have a dog who will learn special tricks, train your dog to bring a letter in its mouth to your partner.

25. Candy Hearts


Printed with cute messages like “Kiss Me” and “XOXO”, these ‘conversation heart’ candies make great gifts to send a message. If you want your message to be more special you can even have them custom made, so that it will be one of a kind.

60 Sweet Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Whoever said that men should be the only ones doing the sweet-talking? Make your partner feel loved by dropping them a cute message at a random time of day to let them know that you are thinking of them. Here’s a list.

You look hot today, baby!
I’m so lucky you’re my best friend.
You rock, I love you so much.
You are my protector…feeling blessed.
Hey hottie, got plans tonight?
You are AMAZING. Just thought you should know.
I love being together. Miss you!
Have a great day at work – I’m counting down till you get home.
I like you. I like you a LOT.
I’m here for you sweetheart.
You are the most thoughtful guy I know.
Still laughing about your comment last night ;)
Thank you for being you.
You make me want to be a better person. Love you so much.
Feeling uber blessed today to have you in my life.
You are the funniest man I know.
Let’s get dinner.
You are one good looking guy- let’s hang out!
You. me. Picnic at 5pm.
Thanks for hanging that mirror, you’re so handy!
I love my man. FYI.
You are my favorite.
You are so thoughtful!
You inspire me, baby.
I trust you with all my soul.
What God has brought together, we shall never part…
Glad I have you in my life.
Today, tomorrow, forever…be mine!
Don’t worry, I’m here
Lets share our lives forever.
You are such a chivalrous gentleman when you’re with me.
You never let me down ever.
Life is like a box of chocolates, I got the nut
I don’t think I’m ever going to forget this wonderful date.
I love the way you hold me when we’re in bed.
I can’t even think of spending my life without you.
You’re the hero that I was waiting for.
I love you for what you are.
No one understands my silence better than you.
Take care, honey.
I love you more than anyone possibly could.
You are always there for me whenever I need you.
I love our life story.
I’m married to one sexy stud!
I will always love you.
You are hilarious, still laughing about….
You are my one of a kind. Feeling so blessed!
Need your love.
Need your cuddles.
I wanna be in your arms.
Miss u, miss u, wanna kiss u!
I miss you, come home.
Call in sick – let’s spend today together.
Do you know I love you? A lot!
You are so strong.
Be with me? Forever?
You are my sunshine.
Perfect night to snuggle. Meet me at 7pm.
I want to be in your arms.
You are my soulmate.
Hi. I love you. You should know that.
I can’t wait for our date night.
I’m counting down the hours till I see you.
You are the best father, ever.
How did I get so lucky to have you?
Being with you…is the best!
I need a kiss.

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Scratchcards

lovebyte scratchcard

Here’s what you need:

  • Dish Soap
  • Silver acrylic paint and paint brush
  • Clear tape
  • Small container

Step 1: Download and print the free printables from LoveByte scratchcards. Or design your own!

Step 2: Get your clear tape and cut it to fit your scratch off area. This makes sure that the card will not easily tear even when recipient is scratching off the paint!

Step 3: Using the small container, add 1 part dish soap and 2 parts of the silver acrylic paint and mix.

Image: notimeforflashcards

Step 4: Apply a thin coat of paint on a test paper first, before applying it on the taped area that will unveil the date/surprise.

Step 5: Allow the first coat of paint to dry before adding on the second coat.
Here’s a video tutorial if you need more guidance. Most importantly, have fun!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ― Marcel Proust


Happy Thanksgiving from LoveByte!

Having a sense of gratitude can have a positive impact on your heart and those in your lives – many times often quoted in article to be linked with the ability to achieve what you want and lead you to success. People who practise gratitude are 25 percent happier than those who do not! What is ‘gratitude’ all about – in case you’re wondering?

Gratitude is simply the quality of “being thankful and feeling fortunate” in life. It doesn’t matter how much wealth or material objects you own, how good looking you are, which life stage you are at. Everyone should always practice thankfulness, and it’s not only on Thanksgiving that we should be reminded or feel appreciative of our lives.

lovebyte thanksgiving printable

Today, let’s take the opportunity to let our partners know how wonderful they have been. We’re sharing the LoveByte Thanksgiving printable for you to print for free to dedicate to your partner. Fill it up with 10 reasons why you are thankful to have them by your side. Make them smile… and definitely they’ll keep this close to their hearts! Comment below and share it with friends if you like it. Enjoy!

Please read: This is meant for personal use only! We’d appreciate it if you do not redistribute in any other way. Share the link to this post with friends who you think will enjoy the LoveByte freebie. The secret password to open the attachment is ‘lovebyte’.

Download Freebies

Stay Loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

Love Vows

If you have to choose one movie to watch with your partner for Date Night, we will recommend watching “The Vow”. Watching the charming couple (Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams – what’s there not to like?!) get married and exchange romantic vows, was such a nice sight. In fact, we love it so much that we’re including it here below!

the vow rachel mcadams

the vow channing tatum

lovebyte vowsPerhaps after watching the movie, you may write your own vows to each other. It can be as silly or as honest as you make it to be!

At LoveByte, we’re sharing the printables we have created for you “Our Love Vows” that you can make for your own! Get creative and have a good night creating your promises to each other. Once done, frame it up in your rooms or keep it on your desk… Keep it close to your hearts!

We’re pretty sure it may come in handy years down the road when you look back and review what you’ve written for each other.

Hope you like it. If you enjoy it, let us know and we will make more :)

Please read: This is for personal use only! Share this post with friends who you think will enjoy the LoveByte freebie. We’d appreciate it if you do not redistribute in any other way. The secret password to open the attachment is ‘lovebyte’.

lovebyte printables

Stay Loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

Interesting way to put a twist to your wedding kiss

Alexis Tyler and Tomy Szczypiorski decided to seal their wedding vows with a little bit more than just a kiss when they tied the knot last weekend.

The handshake was taught to them by a young relative when the couple were visiting Tomy’s relatives in Poland. The handshake is apparently very popular among Polish children.

For Alexis and Tomy the trip to visit his relatives was a special and important time in their lives, as Tomy told The Huffington Post: :

Alexis was the first significant other of mine to ever meet my extended family. I always told myself that it wasn’t until I met ‘the one’ that I would bring that person to Poland to introduce her to our family’s roots. This simple little handshake was a great way to remember such a special time in our lives.

The handshake soon became their own as they added a new step for every big trip or other important life event they experienced together.

We knew that we would have to add a step for our wedding day, and what better way to end our new handshake than with a kiss! Our wedding kiss is now our eleventh step! It will be a great way to remember our wedding day and everything it represented for us.” 

Share with us if you have a special sign or a thing you always do with your Loved One!

Would you consider adding a twist to the traditional kiss to your wedding?

/ LoveByte Cupid

How to write a love letter


To write a love letter to your loved one really shows how much you care about them. To write one doesn’t mean you have to be an author or a great writer. The fact that you took the time to write it down is special enough for your loved one. Here we have gathered some things to think about to get you going.

Always be honest. Don’t think about what you should be feeling, and how a love letter should be. Write about how you actually feel.

Think about the message. Think about whether you want the message to say I want to spend the rest of my life with you  or if it’s just a letter to show them how much you have enjoyed your time together so far and how much you appreciate them. The seriousness of your letter has to match how you feel, so take some time into considering that.

What does your partner appreciate? Think about what your partner appreciates, if they are very romantic and serious, write in that tone. If they however prefer it more joking and humorous, adapt your writing style accordingly. You are writing for you partner, not for you so choose the style they would prefer.

Just start writing. A lot of us try and think of the perfect words to write, don’t. Just start writing and write down anything that comes to mind. After you are done, start editing, and you’ll see the perfect love letter falling together…

Do you feel overly repetitive? Go on to google and search for similar words for the words you have used a lot to mix it up a bit. There are more than one way to say what you feel, so don’t be afraid to look for some help. Just make sure the words have the same meaning in the end.

Pick your paper. Choose if you wish your love letter to be a digital one sent as a love note on LoveByte or if you wish it to be handwritten on a nice piece of paper.

Think about the presentation. Think about the presentation of your love letter, or the timing of when you send it on LoveByte. If you choose to go handwritten love letter style, think about the envelope and the presentation. For example buy a nice envelope, spray some perfume on it, and seal it with a kiss or a lovely bow. If you are sending it digitally, maybe you should not send it when you know your partner is busy at work unable to read it calmly. Send it at night or early morning so they are not distracted by other things going on around them.

Creative And Fun Ways to Give a Gift

It is the thought and effort behind the gift that is important, so why not emphasize on this next time you are giving your loved one something? The presentation can many times be even more important than the gift itself!  

This mean that cou can make your loved ones heart skip a beat even on a budget and by making an effort to surprise them. So if you have bought your partner flowers and a chocolate box several times already, how can you mixx it up a bit the next time you want to show them you care, but without having to spend a lot of money?

Here’s a few ways where the presentation is on the emphasis! The gift itself can be anything, a flower boquet, chocolate box or homemade sweets. However, with these tips this gift can become the best present your loved one has ever received! All it requires is some time, creativity and inspiration to execute.


Decorate your loved one’s door so that when he or she comes home, they’ll immediately get a surprise walking up to the door. You can gift wrap it, hang heart shaped balloons or fill it with love notes. If you can’t be inside waiting, leave the gift outside, just make sure it’s not an expensive one so the neighbours will steal it! Leave their favorite sweets, flowers or just a handwritten love letter.

If you want to surprise them by doing a chore, why not surprise your loved one by cleaning the entire house spotless. Gift wrap the door and leave a note saying “Welcome to your New home” as a little hint of what’s expecting inside. Buy or make some special sweets or their favorite food for your loved one to find on the table or in the fridge with the next note saying: No chores to do darling, take the night off and relax. You deserve it!  This is guaranteed to make your loved one feel loved and blessed, and the best thing, it doesn’t cost a dime!


How you wrap the gift can make all the difference. The thought and effort of the wrapping gives the gift an extra touch and makes it more special. You can wrap anything, even a chocolate bar you bought for a few dollars at the supermarket, as long as it is done nicely and with care it will mark the effort and care behind it and also keep your loved one in suspense of what’s inside.

You can buy wrapping papper and accessories to get that luxurious feeling of the gift and buy doing this you can easily get a gift wrapped that represents thought and care as you’ve taken the time to choose paper, wrap it in a nice bow and add other accessories to it.

If you don’t have the time or possibility to do this, just take what you have at home, such as a page from the local newspaper. This requires however more skills on the wrapping part as you still want it to look good and not cheap since it is wrapped in newspaper. Try and choose a page from the paper that only has written text on it to give it  a sleeker less deorganized look. Maybe the page from the comics section can add some colour to the package? Be selective of the page you choose to wrap your present in so it doesn’t have any sad news or wierd photos on it. When you have wrapped it add a piece of string to wrap around the package, and place a small handwritten note on a piece of white papper underneath. Let the note say  Made with love or just a simple I Love You to mark that it is the thought behind it that matters. If you can, add some flowers or leafes you picked outside to glue or attach on the gift, as it shows that little extra care you took to wrap it and make it presentable.


Transform a room to a romantic setting by filling it with balloons, flowers or candles! This setting is perfect even for the smallest gift as the effort of transforming the room and the surprise your loved one gets when entering is enough for them to feel loved and appreciated. 

A tip: Add in some of your favorite photos or write love notes on a piece of paper to hang from the balloons to make it even more special. You can also place the notes or photos in between the candles or flowers just as you can do with your gift, just make sure not to place them to close to the candles so they will catch fire as this is guaranteed to destroy the surprise!

Good luck and Have Fun!

Stay loving!
LoveByte Cupid <3

Do-it-yourself gift #1 – Love Map

Finding that perfect gift for your loved one isn’t that easy. You want to give them something meaningful, personal and something to remember. It’s very time consuming and often expensive to find that perfect gift, but don’t worry, we have found something for you. It’s a unique gift that doesn’t cost a lot to make since all you need is some love, time and creativity (and to buy or print those maps and frames of course! ) But it is the visibility, the effort and the love behind this Love Map that makes it so perfect. Once you are done, it will remind you of your love for each other every single day. 

Here we’ve gathered some examples for you to get inspired :-) 

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Your Love Map theme could be anything that is related to your relationship, where you’ve met, got married, traveled together or where you want to go… Just pick the events most important to your relationship.

You could make one out of your favorite dates together! Just check your LoveByte to remember all your dates and choose your favorites. Find a big map of your city and mark out these favourite date locations with a small heart sticker or just paint a heart with a pen over those locations. It’s a perfect and unique way to remember your special everyday moments and a great reminder for you to continue exploring new locations. Don’t forget to update your LoveByte on your next Date so you’ll always remember these precious moments together.

To create your Love Map all you need is some creativity, a scissor, pens, a map, frame(s), some glue and you are ready to go!

Good Luck!

/ LoveByte Cupid