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10 Sweetest Love Dedications And What We Can Learn From It

We recently asked LoveByte couples on Facebook a simple question: How long has it been since you two have been together?

Using our Days Together feature on LoveByte, so many cute couples posted loving messages which made us go all “awwww so sweet” while scrolling the comments the entire time! It’s really heartwarming to see how LoveByte has played a part in many couples’ relationships as they build their memories together. Here are some of our favourite picks:

Being there through thick and thin

Life is not always upbeat and happy. Despite many events and challenges that they may face, they know they have each other by their side to go through them together and they always got each others’ back. Having faith in difficult times keeps them positive that all storms will pass :)


couple_app Fight but kiss and make up

There will be times when couples just disagree with each other when they don’t see eye to eye. At the end of the day, we may fight, we get jealous, we worry, we get mad because we care about each other too much. And we know we don’t ever wanna lose each other because we know where we belong <3

couple_appsDifferences complement each other

A great relationship is not when a perfect couple come together but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Learning to respect and understanding each other is one of the key foundations of a lasting relationship.



Absence makes the heart fonder

Successful relationships take work. Couples in a long distance relationship put in even much more effort to keep the relationship going and alive. In fact, it made their bonds even stronger.


lovebyte_couple love_days_counter    Committed to grow together

The best relationship is when two people pursue their own dreams and also share same goals to grow together as a couple. We don’t necessarily have to be everything in their lives… just their favourite part. <3


New App Coming Soon!

Hi LoveByters!

We have been working on something new to enhance your LoveByte Experience.
More information will be released in the coming days, stay tuned!


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Facebook Competition – Win a Necklace!

We hope you haven’t missed our Facebook competition where you have the chance to win a lovely necklace from M+Y STEEL! You can check out the necklace in our Giftstore. Click here!

The competition ends on monday 17th of March so there’s still plenty of time to join in!

How to win:

Comment on our Facebook post what Love Means to You, share it with your friends and get those likes to win. The comment with most likes wins! Good luck! LoveIsCampaign


Don’t forget to check out our other M+Y STEEL items in our GiftStore. We have plenty of jewelry for that special love of yours, whether it is for an upcoming anniversary or just to say I Love You. 

/ LoveByte Cupid

6 Sweet Fun Things Couples Do On LoveByte

1. Matching Profile Photos

LoveByte matching photo LoveByte Profile  

What type of couple are you? We really liked the profile pictures of George and Jiahui! Having a sense of humour always fills a relationship with fun and laughter.

Declare your love for one another with a pair of our matching profile photos, but in a more private way, if matching outfits are too “loud” for you.

2. Write Sweet Notes

There’s nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning to a heartfelt note lovingly written by your favourite person in the world, expressing what he/she has been wanting to say but haven’t had the chance to verbalise, or is too shy to say it. As a LoveByte user Kim calls it, it’s “sweetness overload”!

We’re often too guilty of holding back on saying what we truly feel, for many reasons; but you know what? It’s far more frightening if you don’t say anything – you don’t want to regret it later. NEVER wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love and how much you care.

3. Converse using stickers

With Stickers, don’t worry about having your intentions misinterpreted. There’s always a cute image that expresses how you feel, making your partner smile and laugh at the same time. Check out the Sticker Store in LoveByte app for more goodies.

4. Cover Photos


Take the chance to define what your relationship is about. Like Cover Photos on Facebook, this is your shared Timeline as a couple. You can make a beautiful collage of your photos, use inspiring scenic images, or favourite quotes. Be creative and use images that express the both of you well!

5. Send Fun Scratchcards

LoveByte cards LoveByte scratchcards

Did you know that you can customise your own scratch card? Other than choosing your next fun date activity suggested by LoveByte, come up with your own wacky things to do. Or as seen in the screenshots above, use them as a Card and your partner will be thrilled as they unveil what surprise you have for them. P.S. You can send Secret Message in Chat too!

6. Celebrate Special Days of Togetherness

Days Together LoveByte

Every day is a special day… but some days are more special than the rest! It feels good looking at the Days Together counter, especially when you reach a nice number and look back on how far you’ve come together as a pair.

You don’t need to celebrate your love only on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary. These  ‘milestones’ are equally deserving of our attention and it automatically qualifies as a good day!

A very brilliant idea by LoveByte user Jeremy to use propose to his long time girlfriend, now fiancée, on their 3344th day together (which has a Chinese meaning of “eternity”, similar to 1314). And as the caption says… “It’s a YES!!!” LoveByte is happy to play a part in loving relationships. We wish them all the best in their life together! :)

What are some cute ways that you use LoveByte? Let us know in the comments below!

LoveByte Cupid <3

(Pictures used in this post are taken from social media posts set to Public)
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Happy Boxing Day! :D

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and joy. (: With our campaign ‘Love Happens’, LoveByte  saw a spike in popularity and our Facebook page has garnered more likes! (: Also, this blog has had much viewership so keep the support coming! ^^ Here are some updates for you LoveByters

In view of us reaching our goal of 10, 000 likes on Facebook soon, we’re launching an Instagram campaign-cum-competition entitled #LoveByteApp10k

It’s simple to be part of the party, all you need to do is to take a screenshot of your app. From your home screen, days together, timeline, note, scratchcard, get creative and stand a chance to win limited edition LoveByte couple merchandise! :D

Oh, and remember that your Instagram account should be public or we can’t see your post! (: Feel free to follow us on instagram @LoveByteApp so you’ll be the first to get updated if yours is a winning entry! (:

This campaign will last for a week from now, 26th December 2013 to Thursday 2nd January 2014! (:

Also, an updated version for our app on both iOS and Android would be available very very soon! (: Look out for it!

What’s New in Version 1.3

– New chat with online/offline status

– Send secret messages to your partner

– (many) MORE STICKERS!!! :D

Comments? Feedback? Well, get in touch with us at to help make LoveByte better! (: We can’t reply to App Store reviews so we’d prefer to interact personally via email. We don’t bite! (:

Once again, we thank all of you for your unwavering support! :D

With Love,

LoveByte Cupid :3

LoveByte Recommends – Singapore

A lot of you curious friends from overseas asked us what the new tab “Explore” is about.

LoveByte Recommends is about helping couples explore new, exciting places to go. As you know, LoveByte exists to help couples stay loving, so we make sure lovers never stop dating – online or offline. To make the experience even more complete, these fun moments can be updated onto LoveByte as photos and date on the couple timeline!

So far, only Singapore Android users have seen it first. For iPhone users in Singapore, if there’s any particular promotion(s) you are keen on having, drop us at note at and we’ll help you with it!

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Spontaneous June Champion Couples!

Greetings from LoveByte!

As all of you have heard, last month was Spontaneous June and all in the spirit of spontaneity,  we had an impromptu mini contest for our users. All they had to do was to show us how, as a couple, they kept the spark in their relationship alive in any way they fancy. That’s right, we pretty much left it to them to exercise their creative and boy, do we get a lot of interesting ones. But as promised, we are going to showcase 3 of our favorites. Here we go!

1. Cepheus and Madeline

Random and simple activities together are things that make them tick. Spending time and making little efforts to have fun with each other are the important things they keep in mind. To keep their love alive Cepheus and Madeline will engage in impromptu activities and indulge in mini contests against each other for the fun of it.

“Madeline and I were on a vacation in Taiwan, when we saw some steamed sweet corn at a night market. She had this brilliant (or not so brilliant…) idea of having a corn fight. Basically we’ll see who can finish a corn faster. No prizes, no punishment, just for the pure fun of it. Check out the video to see what happened =)”


2. Charmaine and Wen Kai

“Love is when he sleeps soundly beside you and you take minutes observing his face and finds him absolutely beautiful.”  – Charmaine

This couple keeps their love alive by always putting themselves in each other shoes, be it good or bad times. They find pleasure in life’s minute details and cherish every moment they have with each other.

A beautiful collage made with some of the loveliest moments they had with each other, little details in life and love keep their hearts close to one another.



3. Tricia and JiaJun

Penchant for all things cute and handmade, Tricia and JiaJun shower each other with precious handmade/homemade gifts and that was how they warm each other’s heart during up and down times.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking!!






That concludes our most spontaneous and lovely couples on LoveByte!

Stay Loving!


LoveByte Cupid

Pink Dot SG 2013


The Pink Dot SG movement is a yearly affair in Singapore, organised by a non-profitable group of like-minded individuals who believed in the freedom to love, particularly the LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered). The movement is opened to anyone (as long as they are Singaporeans or Permanent Residence), straight or not, to make a stand for the LGBTs’ right to love in Singapore. The Pink Dot SG got its name from the basic fact that all Singaporeans carry a PINK identity card so none shall be excluded. Pink Dot also represents itself as an inclusive society within the Red Dot (another name for Singapore) where there could be freedom and not judgements.

20130702_111411 Over the weekend, LoveByte had the privilege to attend this event, and we’re proud to be part of the 21,000 audience at Pink Dot SG 2013. As a mobile application meant for all kinds of couple, the message that the Pink Dot movement deliver spoke extremely close to heart. It was indeed a joyful and emotional experience for us, to be able to partake in such a historical moment in our home country. The experience is made even more memorable by the other Pink Dot movement supporters, who are extremely friendly and passionate. Standing along side people who fought so courageously for love, LoveByte is even more driven to promote love and help more couples in the world.

IMG-20130630-WA0007In LoveByte, we believe and agree that love is inclusive, and we support love in all shapes and sizes. And as the saying goes, “Love does not need a reason.”


LoveByte Cupid

LoveByte App FAQ & Support

Ping us if your question is not listed below. Contact us through Facebook, or email and we will respond! P.S. We are unable to respond to feedback via the App Store reviews, so please email us directly if you have any suggestions or ideas!


Last Updated: 15 March 2013

1. My partner is an Android user and I am on iOS. Can we use the app?
Glad you asked! Yes both your accounts are connected and will see the same thing on the app.

2. How do I connect with my partner?
Use email or SMS invite. It is important to use the mobile to click on the link in the email as it is the secret key that will help to pair the two accounts together.

3. How do I know if I’m connected to my partner?
Easiest way is to try sending to each other a message to test.
To check, go to Account Settings, it will show “Connected” if both of you are connected. Otherwise, if both are not paired it will show “Resend Invite”.

4. How do I use Cards?
It’s a simple and fun way to suggest a date idea to your partner. Simply follow these steps:

  1. At the navigation, tap on ‘Cards’
  2. Tap the ‘+’ button on the top right ribbon
  3. Select from a list of activities
  4. Type in your message and hit ‘Send’

The cards that you have sent and received will show at Cards when you first arrive at the screen. The heading on the card will show who it is addressed to, and you can tap on your received cards to check what they are. Rub on the grey area to reveal what your partner has thoughtfully suggested, and remember to tap on ‘Redeem’ when you both have completed the activity!

5. How do I add stuff to our timeline?
The timeline is right below the couple profile. Tap on the heart button at the bottom right of the screen and it will give you options on what elements to add to your timeline.

6. How do I remove an item from our timeline?
To remove an item from the timeline, you can tap on the green ribbon on the top right and it will display an option to delete.

7. How do I count the number of days together?
Tap the calendar icon and set the date and leave the rest to LoveByte to track it for you!
1 year is calculated as 366 as the first day is counted as one.

8. How do I change my profile picture?
Tap on your profile photo and you will be given the option to either take a photo or choose a photo from your iPhone camera roll.

9. How do we personalise our cover page?
To customise your own cover page, tap on the background photo. You will be given the option to either select the default photo or choose a background photo that is most meaningful to both of you.

10. How do I add more milestones?
Tap on the round button on the bottom right hand corner.  You will be asked to either edit timeline or add a photo, note or date to your timeline. Each note, photo or date on your timeline will have a ‘action’ symbol on the right side.

11. Can I access and log on to lovebyte on several mobile devices?
Yes, you can access LoveByte on multiple mobile devices. However, only the last mobile device that you signed in to will be able to receive notifications.

12. How do I know if my partner has signed out or has deleted the app?
It is not possible to know if your partner has signed out or deleted the app. The best way is still to ask him/her directly.

My question is not listed here/ I have suggestions to improve the app.
Email us at – we’re listening.

© Copyright 2013 LoveByte Pte Ltd.