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6 Sweet Surprises You Guys Can Do to Make A Girl Fall For You Even More

It’s important to spice up your relationship and make your girl feel special even when routines have become mundane and the both of you are super comfortable with each other. It’s a sweet gesture for guys to plan surprises just to see a smile on the girl’s face.

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Make it fun and enjoy planning. The effort will always be worth it :) Here are some ideas that we guarantee will make your girlfriend so happy!

Hearty Breakfast

Wake up earlier than your girl and get busy in the kitchen. Prepare her favourite kind of breakfast (or just buy take-out if you cooking is a bad idea :p) and let her see you first thing in the morning and begin the weekend.

Surprise Picnic

Find a place scenic and quiet. Decorate the place beforehand and bring along some food and activities to do. Eg. prepare some candles or light sticks, set up a hammock. To add on to the surprise – if she’s up for it, blindfold her and lead her there.

Sneaky Love Notes

Place random post-it notes with sweet messages for her to find throughout the week. Sneak one into her bag, in-between pages of her organiser, in her room. If her phone is accessible, add a calendar reminder for your next special date and tell her how lovely she is. She will find them during the most random moments and ask “when did you put them in?!”

“Sorry… I’m busy”

Show up when she’s least expecting you to appear.

Maybe you told her that you have an appointment and will be working late, then later surprise her by picking her up at her workplace. People feel most delighted when they are not expecting something. You will see a big smile on her face :)


Credits: Hug Box

Snack Box

Gather information on her favourite brands of candies and chocolates. Pack them into a box and tell her you have something you need to pass her. Deliver it to her on Sunday night so she can bring it to work/school on the next day. She will feel so pampered – it’s a great way to a girl’s heart. Sweet treats always work!

Spontaneous Getaway

It’s nice to break the routine and get out of the country during the weekend for a short 2D1N getaway. Sound out her plans for the weekend without being too obvious, otherwise she might get suspicious. Then ask her to pack and bring her passport out. Refuse to reveal where you’re going. Let her mind go crazy for a while trying to guess the destination. If travelling overseas is not an option, a staycation is great too!


Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3
LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

How You Know You’re In a Committed Relationship

When you are dating someone new, everything feels perfect. It doesn’t really matter how long you have dated – it’s more important to answer that question in your head: when do you know… if your relationship is what it is?

A study by British relationship support organization It reveals what couples in UK see as a sign of a serious relationship.

The top indicator was sharing problems, where 50% out of 6,000 respondents cited that as one of their top three signs of being in a committed relationship. It’s interesting that this ranked highest, more than the other two: ‘being in an exclusive relationship’ (44%) and even ‘getting married’ (39%).


This suggests that couples feel closer when they share problems with each other. If you do not, perhaps it is time to consider communicating with your partner more often. After all, we feel more relieved when we share our issues rather than bottling them up. Life is full of ups and downs, and it makes sense to share your happiness AND troubles with the one closest in your life.

So the next time your partner is opening up to you… Instead of feeling annoyed, have patience and lend a listening ear instead. You will want them to be there for you when you need them too. Communication is key to successful relationships!

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

How to create your MiniMe Avatar

LoveByte’s latest app, MiniMe Avatar Maker allows you to create a cartoon version of yourself by customising the various facial parts. Go wild and express yourself in different styles to make them dramatic.

For people who value privacy and feel uncomfortable uploading their real photo as profile pictures. As such, using cartoon images would be perfect in hiding their identity on social networks yet still have an avatar that looks like them. It’s also great for people who do not draw but would love an cartoon avatar of themselves.

Where do I get MiniMe Avatar Maker?

MiniMe is one of the best free avatars on Google Play for Android and iOS Apple Store.

Is it a free avatar maker?

Yes, downloading the app does not cost anything.

How to Create Your Own MiniMe

In a few minutes, you can have a lot of fun creating your own kick-ass alter ego. With MiniMe avatar creation app, you can also make for friends, family, and your favourite celebrities. The customisation options are endless; it all boils down to how creative you want to get!

avatar_migme_login avatar_creation

While the app is free, there are cooler avatars that are locked and can only be unlocked when you press “Sign in with migme”. When you have a created a migme account, you can save your last created avatars so it’s easy to customise them again the next time you re-open the app.avatar_free_creator

Once you are logged in, you can see your last saved avatar, or create new avatars in different looks. You will notice that you have received FREE credits to use in the Store! Hurray for signing in with migme :)

Press at the top right the Store icon, you will find many more avatar items as you scroll through the different categories. You can use the credits to purchase some funny comical accessories, fancy dresses and familiar anime characters. Once you have purchased them, you will see them listed in your avatar customisation page.

avatar_premium_items avatar_unlock
The MiniMe app is very straightforward to use. Customise your avatar at the top half of the display screen and below that are a strip of body part categories to select from. These range from hairstyles, skin colour, shirts, accessories, backgrounds and speech bubbles – there’s a ton of customization available so there’s definitely something that suits your style!


When you are done, tap on the top right icon to save it and you will be brought to the next screen:
Here you have options to save the avatars as a picture to your phone. The top two icons allow you to save your creation as full or half body image.

You can attach an MiniMe image of your friend on your phone book by selecting “Assign to Contacts” so you can see it when they call. If you have existing LoveByte or migme accounts, easily change your profile pictures with the click of the last button.

You can share onto social networks like Facebook and migme (more options coming soon) or you can easily share the image from your phone manually to forward to your friends!

avatar_sharingOnce you’re done you can share it onto social networks with your friends!

Share your creation on social networks

Many boys and girls are showing off their creativity by sharing the hashtag #iloveminime in their post captions online. In fact, you might just find some individuals with an Instagram account just for MiniMe, and would be willing to do shoutouts and customisation requests.




Download MiniMe on your device on Google Play for Android or iOS Apple Store and have fun creating your very own cool avatar now! Use it with friends and be prepared to share a lot of laughter.

11 Signs Your Partner Is Your BFF

Let’s face it – adult relationships are tough and we find our social circles shrinking the older we get. It’s tiring to have to get to know and understand another human being. It may seem easier to find a romantic partner than it is to find a BFF… but imagine how awesome it is if your partner is also your BFF?!

It is very cliche when people say “I’m marrying my best friend” but here are reasons why it actually makes sense to pick a partner who is your best friend.

1. You can be your true self

You’ve seen each other dress sloppily, do dorky, grossest things yet still accept each other for who you are and find each other attractive. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to worry about being judged.

2. You share the same interests

There’s something that you guys can keep talking about and do together. That gives you more reasons to hang out and spend time having fun and at the same time enjoy each others’ company.

3. You know what each other likes

Overtime you can see pattern in their routine. They tend to order the same dish, go to the same restaurant, and pick the same designs. Getting each other gifts becomes easy – it doesn’t always have to be expensive jewelry because you know exactly the things that can get their eyes to sparkle.


4. You complete each others’ sentences

Or sometimes, you say the same thing at the same time then give each other a Hi-5.
You’re both on the same frequency. Could it be telepathy?

5. You can tell each other EVERYTHING

There’s basically no judgement. They are the first to know what happens in your everyday life. The highs and lows. Gossip and complain about an unpleasant event, rave about your latest obsession. The usual mundane happenings, to even the boring and disgusting bits. No topic under the sun that is that forbidden… telling each other that you’re checking out other hotties on the street is pretty normal because they can enjoy it too.


6. You’re both comfortable doing nothing together

It’s not mandatory to always go outside on an adventure. You can spend a lot of time hanging out, sleeping in doing nothing together and still feel you had fun! Lazing in at home watching Netflix in bed qualifies as having a good time together.

7. You laugh a lot together

You share the same sense of humour. You laugh at the same ridiculous jokes even when the rest of the world doesn’t laugh with you. You find each other hilarious and have a good time cracking jokes to make each other laugh.

8. You got each others’ back

They are there to listen to the details and comfort you when you need a shoulder to cry on. You can trust them to take care and support you, even when sometimes you feel you’re unable to do so yourself. You can count on them to give you advice knowing that they have your best interests at heart.

9. You hardly get angry at each other

When you know each others’ quirks and bad habits, it’s easier to understand why some things happen and you will soon realise it’s part of who they are and don’t get mad as often anymore.


10. You make up very quickly

If you both do fight, you’ll fight over trivial stuff like whether to order fast food for the fifth time this week and denying who ate the last cookie in the jar. When it comes to real arguments, you already know how to have a proper talk to thrash things out.

11. You like each other a lot

Because you love them. And you like them too.

How Falling In Love Can Change You

When you find out that the person you like actually likes you back, falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. When love blossoms, your body produces a flood of feel-good chemicals that make you feel like you are the top of the world.

You see everything positively

It’s a powerful emotion to feel. When you fall in love, everything looks like rainbows and roses. The world becomes a lovely place again and there’s always a reason to smile! That’s the power of love, especially when you didn’t expect that you were able to find love again. Is there anything that is impossible? It’s all about the perspective.


You want to become a better person

When you are in love, your partner seems like the most perfect person in the world and it’s likely that they also see you in the same light. Flaws? What flaws?!

To live up to each other’s standards, you will want to present the best version of yourself and become better for the other person by improving yourself.

You put in 150% more effort in things you do

Suddenly, you have many plans and goals on your To-Do List to spend as much time as possible. You make sacrifices like stay up late to research on the new, coolest places to hang out. While you also sometimes daydream about your future together, you’re already making mental drafts of your desires and shared goals to share with your partner when the time is right. This becomes motivation to give your best and work hard for what’s ahead.

You become more giving and thoughtful

Everything you see reminds you of your love. You want to shower them with them with as much love and attention possible because in your heart, they are most special. “Ohh she likes this chocolate” and you would think of buying it for her. You think about your own needs less and instead consider more about treating your partner right.

You are a happier person

Of course, you don’t need someone to complete you. But the thought of the special someone automatically brings a smile to your face when you recall a sweet moment from last week’s walk on the beach. Sometimes people catch you laughing silly to yourself at the phone and tease you for it.

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

Featured Couple: Shaira and JB

We interviewed Shaira, the winner of our recent Facebook contest where they won themselves travel vouchers for their next couple holiday! In this interview, we ask them how they met and what keeps their relationship loving.

How long have the two of you been together?
It has been 1,487 lovely days, thanks to the Days Together feature on LoveByte app.

How did you both meet?
I already had a big crush on him the first time I saw him in on public transport. I was first introduced to him at my groupmates house to work on a project for accounting class. I was shocked that I saw him there at my classmate’s house. I never thought that he would talk to me, but he added me on Facebook and we exchanged numbers and started getting to know each other more.

Chatting played a big part in to our relationship because that’s how we started, and I’m very thankful that I found the LoveByte app where I can chat with him privately and share our precious memories there :)

Screenshot_2015-10-13-23-53-35-1How do you use LoveByte?
I mostly use LoveByte in uploading our pictures together and scheduling our dates. We love scrolling through our memories in the form of a storyline as we look back on the things we’ve experienced together.

What is your favourite activity (date) to do together?
Our favourite activities together are watching movies and eating.

He’s studying to become a nutritionist and that’s why he makes sure that I get the nutrition I need. I love being pampered by his cooking because it’s a way of him showing he cares!

What is one challenge you have faced as a couple and how was it resolved?
When my grandparents were not supportive about our relationship. My grandparents wanted me to break up with him but I didn’t follow them because I didn’t see anything wrong with him. As corny as it sounds, we fought for our love by reminding ourselves about how long we stayed in our relationship and how happy we are when we are with each other.

lovebyte_couple2How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?
It helped us by reminding us how long and strong our relationship is and by looking back at our precious moments like our pictures together, the memos, and the happy dates. :)

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?
Never forget to look back at your happy memories, and communication is important. That’s why LoveByte is helpful to couples, because it serves as a tool of communication.

How did you know he was “the one”?
I didn’t knew it, I felt it. There are a lot of people in the world, but only a few can give you the happiness that you’re looking for, and I found that happiness with him.

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

10 Sweetest Love Dedications And What We Can Learn From It

We recently asked LoveByte couples on Facebook a simple question: How long has it been since you two have been together?

Using our Days Together feature on LoveByte, so many cute couples posted loving messages which made us go all “awwww so sweet” while scrolling the comments the entire time! It’s really heartwarming to see how LoveByte has played a part in many couples’ relationships as they build their memories together. Here are some of our favourite picks:

Being there through thick and thin

Life is not always upbeat and happy. Despite many events and challenges that they may face, they know they have each other by their side to go through them together and they always got each others’ back. Having faith in difficult times keeps them positive that all storms will pass :)


couple_app Fight but kiss and make up

There will be times when couples just disagree with each other when they don’t see eye to eye. At the end of the day, we may fight, we get jealous, we worry, we get mad because we care about each other too much. And we know we don’t ever wanna lose each other because we know where we belong <3

couple_appsDifferences complement each other

A great relationship is not when a perfect couple come together but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Learning to respect and understanding each other is one of the key foundations of a lasting relationship.



Absence makes the heart fonder

Successful relationships take work. Couples in a long distance relationship put in even much more effort to keep the relationship going and alive. In fact, it made their bonds even stronger.


lovebyte_couple love_days_counter    Committed to grow together

The best relationship is when two people pursue their own dreams and also share same goals to grow together as a couple. We don’t necessarily have to be everything in their lives… just their favourite part. <3


Why Couples Get Fat After Getting Into a Relationship (And How Not To!)

When you meet an old friend after not meeting for several months, the first thing they tell you is: “You have gained weight!” Has this ever happened to you?

Sometimes we blame it on age, lack of time and our decreasing metabolism. Are they just excuses? When couples get together, it’s easy to gain weight. Let us examine why:

1. Change in lifestyle


Especially when couples first get attached, almost every waking time is spent together hanging out. That’s what we call ‘dating’, right? Trips to the shopping mall, going to the movies, having meals together and ending up feeling too stuffed or tired to exercise after that. And the cycle repeats.

“Don’t seem to have the time!” is our favourite excuse. Guilty?

Instead, here’s what you should do: Expand your range of activities to do together and move it! Find a sport that both of you enjoy and commit to exercise regularly together. By making it a habit, you’re both becoming healthier and fitter!

Love is getting fat together

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2. Too much eating out

Almost every date comes with a meal together, checking out friends’ recommendations or that new cafe or restaurant in the hood for good food. What’s worse – no dinner is ever complete without dessert. Too much dining out can be damaging on the pocket, and to the stomach too. Food portions are generally larger and more oily. And you are what you eat. In the long run, that’s you: larger, with more oil too.

Instead, here’s what you should do: Grab that cookbook and take a brave step into the kitchen. Explore new recipes together and have fun preparing your meals together. Start with their favourite dish. That way you can control what you add into your meals and how much nutrients you get. You’ll also save money when you make your own meals!

3. You’re now taken

When you are single, your motivation for working out used to be to be fit and look good. Who doesn’t feel like a superstar knowing that the world is staring at your abs? After getting into a relationship, it has become “my darling loves me for who I am” because that’s the only person checking you out anyway.

Here’s a classic statement from the boyfriend to reassure their girls: “I want you to eat more and grow fat so other guys won’t look at you!” But seriously? That’s not a good reason to add on the pounds.


4. You get too comfortable

Because what matters the most is not how you appear on the outside; it’s who you are, on the inside. Overtime, we fall in love with our partner’s personalities and their appearance is not what we most attracted to them for. As two people get comfortable with each other, we may become less critical of our appearance because ‘our darling loves us for who we are’… right?

Instead, here’s what you should do: Put in effort to occasionally dress up on your dates (if you have stopped!) Make it a point that you can still fit in your favourite clothes. Take photographs regularly and share them onto LoveByte app. As you load your couple timeline and look back on your memories, check out how you both have evolved overtime (whether physically or mentally) and smile :)))

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:

LDR Couple: Duyen & Khang

We discovered a super cute LoveByte couple, Duyen and Khang, who are in a long-distance relationship.


How did you both meet?

We first met when we were really young, about 5-6 years ago. I was 14 and he was 18 then. He said I caught his attention at first sight when he saw me in a dancing class.

We started to keep in touch again 3 or 4 years later after little contact. At that time, he was living in USA, and we used Skype to chat. I could still recall being in the library when we had our first call and the first thing he mentioned was him missing the sunlight in Ho Chi Minh city. We kept talking for months and months and I can’t remember what we talked about either or understand why we always have so much things to discuss, but we just enjoyed talking to each other. We were close and he was always around to provide a listening ear and advice.

In summer on July 7th 2014, on one of our Skype video calls, I told him that I wanted to be with him. It was an awkward moment because he was just staring back at me in front of the screen and finally he said: “Did i hear something?”

I was expecting him to reject me, but he said yes and I could feel joy from his heart. At that time I’ve known that I would waiting for his return would be such a long wait. I understood that choosing him meant a lot of waiting. My friends advised me not to sacrifice my youth and time. But deep down, I always knew he is the one for me and he’s someone worth waiting for.

What’s one challenge you have overcome as a couple?
He always try to call me as much as he could, he bought iPhones for both of us so we could Facetime for better video calls. People would ask me if I feel sad or lonely, as much as I hate to admit it, it does feel so sometimes.

How does LoveByte help you in your relationship?

Whenever we argued, he is usually the one who will apologise no matter who was in the wrong. Usually, we use Notes on LoveByte to express our feelings and apologies, as it is sometimes too hard to say them by mouth.

Unfortunately we even don’t have a picture together yet but I look forward to the day we can meet up! He promised me that he will come back next summer and I’m very touched knowing that he’s working very hard to save up to make it happen.

What is the best advice you could give couples for a happy and harmonious relationship?

For long distance couples, loving someone living so far away is such a challenge. Always appreciate your partner’s effort to spend his time to make calls. Despite not being physically together, we choose to believe and trust each other.

The key to relationships is trust, respect, and patience.

How do you know he’s “the one”?
I know he’s the one because I have come across many guys and even though they take care of me well, I have no feelings for them. I’m always reminded about my partner no matter their advances.
Despite facing much skepticism from friends, we believe our feelings for each other is real, as we are putting in effort and doing things together to get closer with each other everyday.

Stay loving,
LoveByte Cupid <3

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples to record their happy memories to form a meaningful, love journal containing favourite photos, notes and dates. Get it on iOS/Android:


4 ways to make sure your relationship survives when you’re too busy

This article first appeared on LunchClick is the first dating app that is designed to encourage offline, face-to-face dates. Download it today!


Irregular working hours, unpredictable weekends and non-existent lunch breaks can turn a relationship into an ordeal. Here’s some pointers on things you can do so it doesn’t have to be, especially when your job takes up the lion’s share of your time.

1. Prioritise your relationship.
Be prepared to bail on previously made plans with family and friends when your partner unexpectedly gets a slice of free time. If you feel bad about abandoning your other loved ones, arrange a shindig that both parties can attend (e.g. a family dinner or a double date with friends).


2. Keep the communication going.
You don’t have to be on the phone with each other 24/7, but a good way to keep connected is through text messaging. A playful snapshot or a sweet “Thinking about you” text is sure to keep your partner’s mind on you, but talking about events of the day (be they good, bad, trivial or significant) and sharing random thoughts will spark more substantial exchanges.


3. Set aside a fixed time for dating.
When your daily schedule is constantly up in the air, thanks to the demands of work, your love life can definitely use some structure. Decide on a day and time and block it out every week. This period of time, dedicated solely to you and your companion, should remain untouched.


4. Make the most of each time you meet.
After a long, trying week fraught with endless meetings and deadlines, you finally get to see your beloved. Don’t fritter it all away by gluing your eyes and fingers to your phone. Don’t let work or all that social media hullabaloo distract you from embracing the moment (and your partner). Every second counts.

When all else fails, at least you can still look forward to using your accumulation of vacation days (that is, if your company offers them). And if it’s any consolation, absence does make the heart grow fonder!