10 Things to do on LoveByte – #9

#9 The power of days

Have you noticed the ‘Days Together’ section below your profile pictures? We are proud to say that this feature is unique to LoveByte, and it serves a very meaningful purpose, which we will elucidate with a true love story below.

Jeremy, one of our loyal LoveByte users had to decide on a date to propose to his girlfriend, and in a twist of wit, he actually made use of LoveByte’s ‘Days Together’ feature to decide on a proposal date– 3344 days. In Chinese belief, the numbers 3344 is translated to mean “forever and ever in your lifetime”, which gives a really special meaning to a proposal date! Of course, such a thoughtful gimmick eventually won Jeremy his dream girl :)

Besides, the ‘Days Together’ reminder can serve as a twist to all your celebrations– instead of celebrating your one month or three months anniversary,how about celebrating your 99th day together, your 123rd day together, or take our challenge, your 9999th day together??

Use LoveByte today to enjoy this exciting and life-changing feature!


LoveByte Team