10 Things to do on LoveByte – #8

#8 Stickers galoreeee!

Remember how we used to fervently collect stickers when we were young? LoveByte knows, and actually allows you to send stickers (think giant-sized emoticons) to your loved ones in the chat conversation!

Our stickers are extremely adorable, and features numerous characters which can definitely capture all your emotions! We love stickers, as they serve to depict the emotions and feelings which we want to convey to our other half, albeit in an exceedingly adorable and lovable way. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt that these stickers simply add fun to you chat, making it more lively and interactive. Trust us girls, stickers are the best way to show your cute emotions when you are not physically beside your guy!

LoveByte takes pride in designing it’s stickers to ensure that all of them are relatable to and extremely apt. Some of our cutest characters include couple Mochi and Pochi, TabbyKitty, BroodyBear and many more! With such adoring names, how can anyone resist our stickers??

Stickers are free, and users can buy more stickers from our sticker store at extremely low prices as well. Download LoveByte and and have an enjoyable time cutesy-fying your chat with your other half now!


LoveByte Team