10 Things to do on LoveByte – #6

#6 Private chat for 2 please.

Have you ever been really excited to receive an incoming message you thought would be from a special someone? As your hands reach to check the phone your smile turns into a frown when you see it was from your annoying acquaintance asking for a favour?

With our unique range of notification sounds on LoveByte (trust me, it is very different from what’s available on your phone by default), you will always know you have received a message from your loved one. Some of our interesting notification ringtones includes tar spark, pig oink, bubble, and many more!

Romantic relationships are all about the spark and chemistry between the two of you alone. LoveByte understands that it’s so hard for us to retain our privacy and exclusivity nowadays – Send a mushy message to your loved one and in your message inbox, the last message is there for all your friends to look and poke fun at. LoveByte avoids these kinds of awkward positions exactly, granting you a private space to exchange sweet nothings without intrusion.

Beyond managing photographs and sending scratchcards, you could also stay in the application and chat with your significant other with LoveByte’s in-built chat function. Say goodbye also to pesky colleagues or friends appearing in the chat page!


LoveByte Team